BUI: Man says he last smoked weed back when the ‘sun was still up’… it was currently 6PM & sunny

At 6 p.m. Saturday on Percy Priest Lake, TWRA Officer Joshua Landrum asked 24-year-old Jet Skier Orrie Reed Whitton when he last smoked marijuana. Landrum replied: “when the sun was still up”. The agent reminded him the sun had been up for the last 12 hours, and wouldn’t set for another 2. Landrum was jailed on 5 charges this weekend, and he reportedly told the officer he “doesn’t care what happens to him”.

Near-naked man fondling genitals in Club-Hotel hallways says he was with two women – officers found empty rooms.

Metro Police found 39-year-old Terrance Carter wearing only boxers and fondling his genitals with both hands at the Club-Hotel Nashville Tuesday evening, where he told a “bizarre and winding story about having two separate women he was with at the hotel”. Hotel staff reports he had been walking the hallways while nearly naked for several hours.

Nashville Postmates: The Stoner’s Delight – Funny Texts Edition!

While our local team of do-gooders at the Nashville Postmates recently took some heat for passing along restaurant tip surcharges of 20% to it’s customers and still expecting a tip of their own (more on how they feel about tips tomorrow) – while telling the merchants they were absorbing the costs within the company – the actual delivery drivers themselves – the ones that you and I would interact with, are just your normal group of fun-loving individuals. We’ve read over months of communications given to us by a former…