“If you leave me you will no longer breathe”, says woman charged with stalking & harassing husband

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30-year-old Lauren Langston is charged with harassment and stalking after reportedly calling and texting her soon-to-be ex-husband 19+ times daily, stalking him outside his new home, and attempting to run over him with a car.

On January 1st, Metro Nashville Police officers responded to a stalking call located on Paces Ferry Drive. Upon arrival, Metro officers made contact with the victim who stated that he noticed a Dark Nissan Sedan parked in the road near his residence. The victim also stated that as he approached the vehicle, the defendant turned it on and drove towards him making him run thru his yard to escape the path as she attempted to run over him. He stated that as the vehicle passed, it was Lauren Langston, his soon-to-be ex-wife, in the driver’s seat.

Lauren Langston (MNPD)
Lauren Langston (MNPD)

According to the affidavit, the victim later observed a note on his vehicle that said “I will look dumb? – your wife (AH)”. After reporting the incident and speaking with Metro Police, the victim messaged his soon-to-be ex-wife to stop contacting him and leave him alone, however she continued to send 19+ texts per day, and he received multiple calls from private numbers, even while the police were present taking the reports. During the initial breakup, Lauren reportedly told her husband “If you leave me you will no longer breathe”.

On February 8th, Lauren Langston was taken into custody and charged with harassment and stalking. She is currently out of jail on a $5,000 bond.

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One Thought to ““If you leave me you will no longer breathe”, says woman charged with stalking & harassing husband”

  1. Lisa graham

    let me say, this site needs to print all the facts! not just one sided!!! she was not driving the vehicle and he took off running way before the car ever moved! there is a video of the whole incixent! she was not stalking. he told her he was at home sick. when she got home he was not there. she was so upset, because he had been acting strange for days, that she filed a missing person report. she was very upset!!! then she discovered that he took her 4000.00 pear diamond also. she now has a 5 year no contact order against him for the way he did her and also putting his hands on her 8 year old!!! she went to nashville when his address changed on his insurance still just needing to know that he was ok!!! the note, it said I make myself look dumb? the reason it said this is because this is exactly what he told her the day before he left! he told her Christmas eve that he was sick and gonna stay home because he wasn’t feeling well. this man is a coward and a compulsive liar…. how could she say that to him when she had no clue he was leaving so! she’s the victim and he is trying to make himself look better. so let’s get the facts straight

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