WKRN’s Danielle Breezy has hot mic moment; reveals feelings on Channel 5’s weather team & their worth

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A hot mic moment caught WKRN’s Danielle Breezy commenting on Channel 5’s Leland Satom & Bree Smith, including “I don’t think Bree’s that expensive, but I don’t think she’s cheap…. a buck fifty if I had to guess, maybe a little less”.. and the possibility of Nikki-Dee Ray replacing a local meteorologist.

Technology is hard. Danielle Breezy (real name Danielle Armbrecht, born Danielle Vollmar) found that out this week when her mic was hot on a live feed. The clip, recorded by a viewer, is in two segments, and are in their entirety below. During the clips, Danielle is heard talking about the possibility of Nikki-Dean Ray coming to the Nashville market, as she has reportedly interviewed at both WKRN and News Channel 5, and her thoughts on Channel 5’s strategy, how much their meteorologists make, and a few f-bombs along the way.

Prior to coming to Nashville, and under her birth name, Danielle A Vollmar (aka Danielle Breezy) skirted across the country, stacking up both jobs and criminal charges and citations. In 2012, Oklahoma Highway Patrol cited her for speeding, traveling 80 in a 70 mph zone in a white Mazda. That same year, Breezy was also charged in Arizona with a DUI (BAC .08+), which was later dismissed via plea which set the charge aside. Later that year, Breezy was cited in Dallas County, Texas, for following too close, and not updating her out-of-state license for over 90 days. Danielle is married to radio personality Joe Breezy (real name David Armbrecht).

Here’s the transcript of the above videos:

..Leland told me… he said to me his kiddo was getting ready to go to school, it’s like his senior year.
so he’s like, fuck it, I want off nights… I’m ready for the switchover.. so could be a combination
(other person) they wouldn’t get rid of him
he wouldn’t retire…
so I wonder if he said,
Leland’s senior meteorologist, though, you know that.. when Bree came in 4 years ago…
So I wonder if this was like the plan all along..or is it, well, Leland decided I’m tired of the mornings, I wanna go to nights.
IS it like ‘they’re sick of brBreee’ I mean, it could be a combination.. and they said “Leland, you’re going to nights”
we got this new girl coming in to do mornings
(other person) it’s probably that.. because it’s like.. I mean..i just can’t imagine
to keep a 5th on, in this market, she’s expensive, she ain’t cheap..she pushed, she used this to get the leverage, to get the money.
but, she’s expensive. I don’t think Bree’s that expensive, but I don’t think she’s cheap…. a buck fifty if i had to guess, maybe a little less
they’re not that great.. they tank in a lot of spots.. what if they really are..
the lady said to me when I was in Boston, she said, she wanted me to go to Denver, to Scripps, they wanted me to take that station from #3 to #1.
They’re like ‘you’re already doing it in Nashville, if you can to it there, you can do it here’
they’re obviously looking at that.. how the fuck are they gonna combat her (Breezy).
Put the most popular person against her, I mean that’s the only other thing I can think of, cause their morning show is pretty strong, anyway.
(other person) yea, their morning show whomps ass..
and I don’t think they would put the new girl at night against… because she’s too new
So it makes sense they would do Leland and her, six months training..
They could do six months with her on.. because Bree wouldn’t be up till December, so they could do six months of her tag-teaming with
Leland.. and he says I’m going to nights and Bree’s leaving
(other person) yea and they probably have her do like a morning show, and a mid-day
..or host with Leland and retire that chick out..

Danielle was born Danielle Vollmar and worked under that name at all of her previous TV stations. But while in Boston, she met and married Joe Breezy, a radio personality. (Breezy isn’t his birth name either, but “air names” are common in radio, and Joe Breezy had gone by that name since the age of 19.)

The couple married about the time she accepted a new position as a head meteorologist at WKRN. Joe accompanied his new bride to Tennessee with no promise of a job, but he is now program director of a Nashville radio station and has since landed a nationally-syndicated radio show.

Here’s the other meteorologist she’s speaking of, that has reportedly interviewed at both WKRN and News Channel 5, is Nikki-DeeRay.

Nikki-Dee Ray

Nikki-Dee Ray


Meteorologist Nikki-Dee Ray can be seen weekdays on CBS 6 This Morning. The Alabama native attended Auburn University and Mississippi State University where she graduated with a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences.

As the nation’s youngest female chief meteorologist, Nikki-Dee led a team of Texas meteorologists through numerous severe weather events. She was awarded “Best Local TV Weathercaster” in 2013 and 2014.

Nashville’s next weather star?

We reached out to both Breezy & WKRN for comment, neither replied to our inquiries.

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