Woman crashes through fence, yard, car, after drinking on FB live — Shawntika McClain arrested

32-year-old Shawntika McClain faces multiple charges after police say she was driving this weekend and left the roadway, crashed through a fence, drove through a yard, and eventually wrecked into a vehicle parked in the driveway on Ocala Drive in Nashville. Police note she was “obviously intoxicated” and a glance at her social media shows her drinking shots on Facebook live before the crash. McClain has a prior DUI conviction in 2019.

Man rumbles with husband, threatens to kill him for dancing on Facebook Live

33-year-old Randarius Hines was charged with aggravated assault after he shoved his husband’s head through a wall, strangled him, and told him “I’m going to kill you” because their fellow churchgoers said that he was dancing on Facebook Live.

Metro Council member accidentally goes loud & live during morning toilet session

Just before 6 a.m. Sunday, Metro Council member Steve Glover let loose, while accidentally broadcasting live from his bathroom, sitting on the toilet. It wasn’t a rant that viewers heard, but rather some deuces being dropped – while a confused councilman attempts to figure out what’s going on, and why technology is so hard.

Marquez Crawford arrested on multiple drug & firearm charges

Early Thursday morning, Marquez Crawford got off work, ate breakfast at Waffle House, and went live on Facebook talking about what great weekend he was about to have. Little did he know, less than 12 hours later, East CSU detectives would execute a narcotics search warrant at his home, leaving him in jail with a $147,500 bond.

East Nashville Speed Challenge(r) Arrested: Alexander Frazier “I’m Driving; I Got Road Rage”

Earlier this week, we showed you video of a Dodge Challenger speeding through a stop sign on Montgomery Ave in East Nashville. Late Friday evening the driver, Alexander Frazier (age 22), was arrested and charged with Agg Assault w/Deadly Weapon after a WKRN news crew was filming at the intersection when he drove by several times, speeding and once again not stopping, and intimidating the news crew and neighbors. Frazier is currently being held on a $90,000 bond in Davidson County. UPDATE 06/30/2017 3PM: ALERT: Alexander Frazier (Speed Challenger) Released From…

Uber Driver James Henneberg – Driving Distracted?

Nashville Uber Driver James Henneberg often posts “live” video streams to his social media.. and while this is a grey area of the law if the phone is in a cradle and being operated hands-free – once the phone is in your hand and you are using functions on the screen and reading the screen and interacting with viewers, it is almost always as situation that law enforcement would consider “distracted driving”.. in fact, very recently some agencies, such as the THP have started to use the distracted driving law…