Teen charged in brutal attack of girlfriend when told relationship was over — Kanetray Westbrook #NotToday

19-year-old Kanetray Westbrook is charged with the domestic assault with bodily injury of her girlfriend, Mircale Williams, and was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday. From her hospital bed, Williams disclosed to police that she was breaking up with Kanetray when Kanetray pulled her from the passenger seat of her car and began punching her in the face repeatedly before pulling her onto the sidewalk where she smashed her head onto the pavement. Realizing how badly injured the victim was, she called the victim’s mother, telling her to call 911 because the victim was “fading in and out” and drove her to that location. Westbrook is free on a $2,500 bond.

Woman jabs lit cigarette at roommate’s face; charged with domestic assault

68-year-old Carolyn Garlits was charged with domestic assault after she angrily prodded a lit cigarette at her daughter’s boyfriend.

Argument between roommates gets physical when one decides to use his head

27-year-old Jason Sousa was charged with domestic assault after headbutting and punching his roommate, claiming he had stolen something from him.

Drunk woman argues with girlfriend outside of apartment complex

28-year-old Priscila Tamayo was charged with public intoxication after police were called multiple times complaining about a woman being belligerent in an apartment complex parking lot arguing with her girlfriend.

Sleeping man wakes in a rage and attacks girlfriend

22-year-old Joshua Frost was charged with domestic assault after waking up in a rage and punching his girlfriend in the head because she was trying to leave their apartment.

Wife breaks into bedroom of her husband’s lover, who pulls a gun on her; per police

32-year-old Michelle Welch was charged with domestic assault and aggravated burglary when police say she broke into the home of her estranged husband’s new girlfriend, attacked them both, then fled the scene before police arrived.

ARREST: Jevon ‘Izzy’ Ransom Assaults G/F, Slams Head Into Sofa, Punches Her

On Thursday 10/28, Officers responded to a domestic call, of which Jevon ‘Izzy’ Ransom (24) was ruled as the aggressor and arrested for for assault against his girlfriend. According to a MNPD report, Jevon and his girlfriend were arguing because he had been speaking to a girl that lives upstairs. Per the victim and a witness, when they came into the apartment he refused to let her leave, slammed her head into a sofa, and then punched her in the head. The victim fell to the ground and was eventually…