Teen smashes plate of food over lover’s head #Plated

19-year-old Megan Lewis was charged with domestic assault after she took a plate of food and smashed it on top of her significant other’s head.

Sleeping man wakes in a rage and attacks girlfriend

22-year-old Joshua Frost was charged with domestic assault after waking up in a rage and punching his girlfriend in the head because she was trying to leave their apartment.

Lovers’ quarrel leads to punching, cigarette burn

Alaina Sadler

22-year-old Alaina Sadler of Hermitage, Tennessee, was charged with domestic assault after getting into a fight with her girlfriend, Kelsey Briggs, that ending in punching, hair pulling and a cigarette burn on May 30, 2020.

Boyfriend charged with strangulation of girlfriend; Xanax found during arrest

20-year-old An Lam was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation and contraband in a penal facility after he attacked his girlfriend in his apartment throughout the night while she tried to sleep and then woke her by strangling her. During his search in booking, officers found Xanax in his pants.