Christopher Grove assaults girlfriend during infidelity argument because she “turned off his PlayStation”

29-year-old Christopher Grove was involved in a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend, Maria Schmid, on Murfreesboro Pike in the early hours of December 15th. She stated that Grove went through her phone and accused her of infidelity. This sparked a verbal altercation, leading to her turning off his PlayStation because he was not listening to her. Grove stood up and pushed her into the kitchen counter, resulting in her hip bruising. Then, he reportedly shoved her onto the ground, so she ripped a piece of his hair out in self-defense. Grove spoke with officers and repeatedly switched up his story regarding the incident. Officers observed a piece of hair on the bed and visible injuries on Schmid, consistent with her story. Grove was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody for domestic assault.

Matthew Cantrell charged with distributing 40 grams of marijuana

38-year-old Matthew Cantrell was in the back seat of a blue Chevrolet Trailblazer that MNPD Sergeant Craig Amabile pulled over at a McDonald’s on August 30th. The police noticed Matthew moving around in the back seat and backpacks on the floor close to him. Once Sergeant Amabile placed the vehicle’s driver into custody for driving while intoxicated, he searched the vehicle and found approximately 40 grams of marijuana between four bags. One of the backpacks containing marijuana in multiple small bags was sitting next to Matthew. No paraphernalia was reported to be found, so police determined, based on the packaging and the amount, that there was an intent to sell the drug.

Myeisha Stanley charged in assault of father’s girlfriend

27-year-old Myeisha Stanley called 911 and said, “My daddy jacked me up. They will see when they get here.” MNPD officers arrived early Wednesday morning at the Southwood Park Pl. residence, where Myeisha lives with her father and his girlfriend. When the officers attempted to speak with Myeisha, who they reported was drunk, she said she did not wish to speak to the police and only wanted to sleep. Police then spoke to Myeisha’s father’s girlfriend, Victoria Kimbrow, who said she and Myeisha went to the store earlier that day and had an altercation with another female. After the altercation, Victoria said that Myeisha was still upset and took her anger out on her by punching her in the face. Police, again, asked Myeisha to comment on the story that Victoria gave them, but she refused to talk to them and said, “Just take me to jail.” Police reported that Victoria’s lip was swollen. Due to the injury, as well as Victoria’s account, with no rebuttal from Myeisha, Myeisha was placed into custody. Myeisha denied that any of her own injuries were caused by Victoria.

Street Racer Down: Jermarion Brown charged after fleeing from MNPD — $84K bond

20-year-old Jermarion Brown faces a cornucopia of charges as he remains jailed in lieu of an $84,000 bond Monday. He was found hiding in the shower of a hotel bathroom Saturday morning, a room also occupied by two of his male friends. Police say they had noticed Brown driving a blue Dodge Charger 392 throughout the evening recklessly driving on Murfreesboro Pike. Hours later, they again located the car as it was in line to turn into a nightclub on the same road. As officers approached the car, which had no tag displayed, Brown placed the charger in reverse. Officers screamed “Don’t do it!” but that didn’t stop Brown from fleeing backward, going the wrong way on Murfreesboro Pike., nearly ramming a patrol car. He then drove through a grassy ditch as he lost control but eventually fled along Kermit Drive.

Officers did not pursue him but instead waited for him at a nearby hotel where the car had been seen earlier. Officers found the car, covered in fresh grass, parked at the hotel, and security directed them to the room, already knowing who they were searching for. Two friends answered the door and stated they were the only ones in the room. After a bit of back-and-forth, they finally admitted Brown was hiding in the shower. Brown said he ran because he “was scared,” but later said, “That was my car, but I wasn’t driving,” when they explained they had documented his reckless driving at five different scenes, including Airport Center Drive, where illegal car side shows were being held, along with street/intersection takeovers.

Teen smashes plate of food over lover’s head #Plated

19-year-old Megan Lewis was charged with domestic assault after she took a plate of food and smashed it on top of her significant other’s head.