He smacked her butt, “as if he we was playing the drums”, victim says. #Arrested

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Anthony Ryan Rick Urban, 32, is now charged with sexual battery (no consent), after he allegedly smacked a co-worker on her buttocks, as if he was playing the drums, according to an arrest report.

Police say the incident happened on 4th Avenue in downtown Nashville, where Urban and the victim worked together. The victim tells police she was lying face down, resting on a table in the back room of the location, when Anthony Urban came up to her, and smacked her butt, on top of her clothes, as if he was “playing the drums”. The victim says Urban then commented about “how flexible” she was, and pushed her legs up and spread them apart. He also ran his hand/fingers up her inner thigh area. At no time did the victim consent to being touched by Urban. A co-worker witnessed the incident.

Anthony Urban (MNPD)

Anthony Ryan Rick Urban was arrested on January 23, charged with sexual battery, and posted a $15,000 bond via Free at Last Bonding. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 4th.

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