#Lawsuit: Man says employer wanted to ‘climb Jason Momoa like a tree’ & he should ‘find his f-ckability’

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Christian Ethicist Ryan Huber is suing his former employer Compass real estate, alleging he was sexually harassed and discriminated against for his religion. Graphic details include allegations a female supervisor talked about how she would “climb Jason Momoa like a tree”, and explained how she dated rich guys to get nice things, and he should find his own method that works for him. He doesn’t believe in sex outside of marriage.

Huber describes himself as a “male Christian writer, scholar, and ethicist”, as was hired by Compass as a ‘Product Expert’ in 2018, and taught and equipped real estate agents to use the Compass technology platform. He worked with a colleague, Theresa Twa at the Nashville office, and says that he is an adjunct professor and a published author, and everyone at the company was aware of his accomplishments and religious beliefs.

Huber recalls that in 2019 he was finishing a phone call when a male member of the leadership team told him “you sound sexy when you do that (he took control during a call)”, and other members of the leadership team overheard the comment, and this made Huber feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Around the same time, a female employee stated “I love it when a guy blows a load on my tits” during a company-sponsored happy hour, and this comment also offended Huber.

Later in his employment, it came to be that Huber would report to Theresa Twa, and he states she was already aware of his firm beliefs that sexual intercourse was sacred and to be reserved for marriage. He says that Twa told him about when she lived in Los Angeles and explained she dated rich guys to get nice things and luxurious places, stating “they got sex, and I have fun”. He says she noticed his discomfort and followed up by saying “Oh, I forgot you’re a Christian ethicist, you probably don’t feel the same about sex”.

During a one-on-one coaching session between the two, Huber says that Twa told a story about a time when an acting teacher told her “Theresa, the thing about you is, you’re very fuckable. Use that!”, continuing to explain that she realized being “fuckable” was a great strength for her, and she carried that forward in her career path and uses it to this day. During the coaching session, she told Huber to figure out what his “fuckability” was. He found this offensive and made him very uncomfortable, according to the allegations in the lawsuit.

A few months later on a team call, Twa made reference to actor Jason Momoa, stating she would “climb him like a tree”. Huber claims this made the men on the call, including himself, feel uncomfortable.

In the fall of 2020, Huber says Twa’s behavior became “even more vulgar and reprehensible”. He details an unprompted conversation in which she reportedly loudly said “I know you’re religious and against abortion, but this is a personal issue for me (discussing Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barret)… what do you want? Do you want to crawl up into my uterus (while motioning her hand as if reaching into her vagina)? Is that what you want?”.

Huber says that the workplace became increasingly hostile, and claimed she had singled him out for “cultural issues” after an upward performance review. He says that in January of 2021 a phone call was supposed to happen, during which the issue would be worked out, however, he says he was suddenly fired without notice. He alleges he was sexually harassed because of his sex, male, and he was subjected to a hostile work environment. His complaint also alleges there was an “ongoing campaign of religious discrimination in the workplace because of his religion, Christianity).

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  1. DDDDDuane

    You could find Theresa Twat on gewgle and FaceBerg…
    She looks about 45…Pretty average. Her holes are adequate to utilize…
    She bills herself as a “comedian”…

  2. Nancy

    I don’t know this man but I totally support him.

    1. BBurks

      I agree, Nancy! Christianity hs the same right as ANY other group! We are still America the FREE 🇺🇸… until we aren’t. 🆘

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