#Lawsuit: Man says employer wanted to ‘climb Jason Momoa like a tree’ & he should ‘find his f-ckability’

Christian Ethicist Ryan Huber is suing his former employer Compass real estate, alleging he was sexually harassed and discriminated against for his religion. Graphic details include allegations a female supervisor talked about how she would “climb Jason Momoa like a tree”, and explained how she dated rich guys to get nice things, and he should find his own method that works for him. He doesn’t believe in sex outside of marriage.

East Nashville ARREST: Abdifatah Yusuf Beats Sister w/Metal SPOON for Disobeying His Orders, Required Stitches

We are in Nashville in 2017, and men are still attacking and beating women for “disobeying orders”. According to a police affidavit from N 6th St, on Sunday Abdifatah Yusuf (18) stated that his sister disobeyed his orders and went out with family. The Defendant stated that he told his sister to come home. When the victim got home the Defendant hit his sister with a metal spoon. The victim received lacerations to the back of her head, above her left eye, and bruises on her back. The victim was taken to…