Nashville’s “Vacations4You” sues customer over a bad review, asks judge to make her stop calling them a scam

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If enough people call something a scam, it’s probably a scam. Nashville company ‘Vacations4You‘, owned by Greg Minor of Mt. Juliet, filed a lawsuit today asking a judge to issue an injunction on the speech of a customer who gave them a bad review, and called them a “scam”. They’re asking for the judge to order their customer to stop giving them bad reviews… of which they have dozens from other unhappy clients. The company’s own reputation is so shady that the first ‘FAQ’ on the website has to explain “We are not a scam”. They also claim to not be a travel agency.

The lawsuit, filed today in Nashville Chancery Court, sues Sherry Hadaway, alleging that she signed up for a 10-year contract to receive discounted rates on travel services, but the day after she signed the contract she called to cancel, as she stated she could get the same deals online, without their assistance. They told her the “membership agreement does not provide for cancellations”, and that she was locked in.

In the months following, Hadaway posted her true and honest reviews of the company to multiple sites, such as below:

“I went to listen to the sales pitch for my free gift not knowing what I was about to get myself into. First, to use the “free gift” you have to pay a fee within a short amount of time. Hmm, is it free if you have to pay to use it? If it wasn’t so unethical, it would almost be funny that they can call it a free gift! Then I fell for the scam! But with a few hours, after getting to my own computer and doing my own research I saw it was a scam. I tried to cancel but of course I signed away my right to cancel before I had time to research! I paid 9k for what I can get on my own with a simple google search. BEWARE!!!”

-Sherry Hadaway

and this review:

“This is such a scam. I have tried to use my package two times only to find it cheaper on my own! I paid 9K for NOTHING!!! beware”

-Sherry Hadaway

In a statement to Scoop: Nashville, Vactions4You responded below and confirmed this was the only one of the bad reviews they have filed a lawsuit for.

“The defamation lawsuit was filed by our Vacations4you legal team due to the non-stop false and inaccurate statements that were continually being made against the organization directly to our current and potential clients through various online and social media channels. Vacations4you will always take a stand against inaccurate or false information about our product or services.”

-Vacations4You 07/13/2021

In a letter to employees earlier this year, Vacations4You told their employees they never had to worry bout the company suing them after leaving the company. We’re not sure what brought on this weird boast, but we obtained the letter below:

In the interest of preservation, we’ve documented some of the current negative online reviews below:

Truely a scam, that starts with a presentation of how expensive thier services are. Mine started at 24k but cut me a deal of only $5500. There is no think it over period they are vultures and refuse to cancel the contract (its a 10yr commitment). The free gift they got me in there with was bogus as well, I discovered after it was too late. Don't fall for it, save yourself legal fees later.

It is a scam. They were worse than the time share places.

Rude fraud scam  I would not recommend ever doing any business with this company ever nothing but a scam that preys on people especially the elderly and NO free gift .... I am warning ⚠ ⚠you they scammed my mother ....

Vacations4You Will steal your money so their staff can take an amazing vacation on your dime like a politician. What they claim to save you is same saving you can save if not more by putting a little time and effort to finding great deals.I had them fact check their cost and their prices could not beat my deals I have already purchased for 2021."Aruba,Ireland,Switzerland. They claim to offer you a gift but to find out you must pay fees for that gift. When you have to pay for a gift it no longer is a gift. Paying gift tax is one thing but paying fees for a gift Lol!! I can not remember when someone gave me a gift and tried charging me a fee. Wait Vacations4you tried this.Their gift will cost you $450 plus SMH!! This company and others like it are no better than timeshares. They are riding the back of the bad reputation of timeshare companies.  Here are some sites I use to book my trips. lodging- Vrbo,,  Car rental- orbits, auto slash. Airlines- hopper app but then I go direct to the airlines to purchase tickets. I will also look for hidden cities when flying. google hidden cities to understand this. Alway try to do your own tours. Doing your own tour you can beat the crowds, save huge!!! so much it will pay for that car rental and more. Do not pay thousands of dollars all up front to join a club. Be your own club and it cost nothing to join. RED FLAG You must decide to join now once you leave the offer no longer stands.  RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't run and fall into this money pit sorry!!!! Most will be paying payment to pay for this scam and now don't have the money to even vacation. Remember what I said from the beginning the staff will be vacations on your hard earned dime.

This place is a scam and almost all of the good reviews here are fake. Part of their process is asking everyone to rate them 5 stars on google which is why they appear to be very highly regarded. Please be aware - do not give them any of your information.

They got me. They provide a great sales presentation but after getting the link and searching for deals in and out of the country, I haven't found what I was sold. I strongly believe I've been scammed.5

Vacations 4 You Nashville office, unfortunately, doesn’t honor the words of their sale rep., Troy Brooks.  He called me at home on the evening of 3/4/21 and pleaded with me to give him an outstanding review on Google.  He indicated his job depended on it.  I told him I wanted to wait until they fulfilled all the things he guaranteed to us on 2/28/21 before I did his review.  However, after he promised it would all be taken care of, and pleaded with me for a very positive review. He emailed me the link to do a review. I gave him an excellent review on 3/5/21.  However, in retrospect, I know it was a mistake to trust him.  So, I deleted that review from Google.
He knew my husband wanted to start our membership on 01/02/22 and told us, “That is not a problem!, Not a problem at all!” and you will receive your travel rewards credit for paid timeshare dues this year once you prove the dues were paid.  On 3/10/21, my husband emailed receipt of the timeshare dues paid in full to Troy Brooks.  Again, I reminded him by text, “It is our understanding that with proof of the dues are paid, it will be credited to our account for travel rewards.” The dues were $1000+.  Then, Troy responded by text, “Yes, that’s correct.  Thanks so much, ‘to me’!”  Then, on 4/1/21, the travel credit still hadn’t been credited to our account.
I called Vacations 4 You Nashville office and asked who was in charge of Troy Brooks.  I was informed Joe Minor is the V.P. of the Nashville office.  I asked to speak with him, and the lady went to check.  She returned and told me he couldn’t take my call at that time and took a message.  Troy Brooks texted me about 5 minutes later and told me he was in meetings and would return my call later.  When he returned my call, I told him, we have lost all faith in you and your company to fulfilled your guarantees to us, so we want to cancel our contract.  He said, “You can’t cancel your contract!”  Although he had said on 02/28/21, when my husband felt uneasy about Troy’s guarantees, he informed us, “You don’t have anything to lose because when we try their travel experience for the first time. If we are not happy, we will receive a full refund from Vacations 4 You.”  It sounded too good to be true, and it isn’t true!  On 4/2/21, Troy emailed us a card receipt where he had charged 7.5K dollars, knowing he was not an authorized user on the account.
Later, on 4/26/21, I left Troy a voice message.  He returned a text on 4/27/21, saying, “Hi to me, Received your message.  I am off today. I will check on it tomorrow and get back with you. Thanks.”  He didn’t get back to us, so on 5/4/21, my husband emailed Troy again asking about our timeshare maintenance fee credit.  Troy emailed us on  5/6/21 with our membership agreement that he claimed should have been on the UBS Drive given to us as we were leaving Vacations 4 You on 2/28/21.
Vacations 4 You Nashville refuses to honor our agreed-upon deal.  The Nashville V.P. Joe Minor will not talk to us about the problem.  We want our money back because the V4U Membership Guide doesn’t support as possible (V.O.I.C.E.) the travel credit as promised by Troy Brooks during the sale presentation.  We never intended to give our timeshare week over to V4U, and Troy knew it.

They gave me a link to post a great review based on their sales presentation. The review should come after you try the product. This company has let us down.

Please don’t fall for this. If you look in BBB would can see all of the elderly people they are taking advantage of. Very unfortunate, especially since their “high” google rating is making people give them 5s during the sales presentation without doing their research.

Vacations 4 You update. WARNING Disregard previous review from me. Run, do not  walk, from this company. My earlier comment made before any services. You will wonder where your money went and for what. I give it minus stars but no option for that.

This is a scam company. Do not waste your time or money.

Received call for 2 Southwest round trip tickets and $100 card for free dining at restaurants.  The catch was to attend a 90 minute travel company presentation with no pressure for purchase, my spouse had to attend, our income had to be a minimum amount, and we had to have a major credit card.  We attended in excess of 90 minutes, was pressured, did not accept, was given an envelope containing a flyer of sorts with a highlighted certificate ID and expiration date for 2 round trip airfare and 2 nights hotel accommodations.  The envelope also contained a Dining Advantage card, seemingly the card version of the old Entertainment discount books and there is no free dining up to $100 as explained.  Now to get the flight and hotel accommodations, it begins with a $50 non-refundable processing fee and here’s where you use that major credit card.  But within the terms and conditions, that most folks don’t read, it states there is a cost of “$199 per person for hotel taxes, airline taxes, transfers, airport fees, agency fees, etc” that are “payable to the fulfillment travel agency” and there are apparent block out dates such, including weekends.  Also any additional fees and miscellaneous taxes are the travelers responsibility.  Not to mention that there are only select cities for which you may select but the travel company reserves the right to offer alternate arrival dates and destinations. Please don’t waste your time nor your money with this company.

I gave a glowing review back last year but NOT anymore.  Beware!!!! Monterey Financial will hound you horribly. People that I have talked to at MF doesn't know compassion. Even in good standing and I would call them it was not but $1.00 difference and it was cheaper to call the motels myself. They threaten you with collection and when you say okay send it on. Don't waste your money for nothing. If you want stress by no means go for it but you have been forewarned.

When I was approached I should have known.  The representative told me what to say.  Got lost and she stayed on the line with me.  When I had to pay $20.00 to park and told they would reimburse me which didn't happen.  So, LOSER's!!!!

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3 Thoughts to “Nashville’s “Vacations4You” sues customer over a bad review, asks judge to make her stop calling them a scam”

  1. Aina

    I can attest and confirm that all the bad reviews are all correct, Vacations4you is a SCAM. You are already paying $9k for membership then every year you will have to pay to renew membership then what is the $9k for? Also the will promise you 7 nights free hotel stay plus other free gifts when you renew but was never given after renewal. When I got recruited they said membership fee is $5k+, I paid almost half as downpayment but was shocked when I found out after that I still owe them $9k+. And yes when I started using their website there was not much options in hotels and flights and other websites were much cheaper than theirs.

  2. DDDDDuane

    How could that $99.00 round the world vacation be a scam?

  3. Milton D Thomas

    well I too went to the presentation! it was supposed to be 90 minutes but ended up being close to 3 hours. I was pressured to purchase a package they even worked with me on the deposit, but I didn’t get it. They finally gave me a trial membership for a year to see if I liked it. NO MONEY PAID TO THEM PERIOD! I’ve went on a couple of trips and enjoyed the discounts they offered. I’m sorry if anybody got scammed but I haven’t had a problem with them

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