High on mushrooms, Nashville man caught with purple bunny at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens

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29-year-old Zachary Pollack told police he was “high on shrooms” when they caught him with a purple Lego bunny rabbit at the ‘Nature Pop’ exhibit at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens Monday night. Security believed he was trying to steal the artwork, however, Zach says he just “thought it would be funny if it moved”.

Metro Nashville Police asked Belle Meade Police to respond to Cheekwood after security called to report a man had been caught “trying to steal” the artwork earlier in the evening but disappeared into the woods. He had returned, and Belle Meade police arrived on the scene, where security now had him detained.

Zachary A. Pollack (MNPD)
Zachary A. Pollack (MNPD)

Pollack told Sgt. David Wright that he was currently high on mushrooms. So very high. He explained that in no way was he trying to steal the artwork, which was a large purple bunny on exhibit, but “thought it was be funny if it moved”. Police asked for his name, and he replied “Steve”. When asked for his last name, he responded “Umm, no”… but later claimed it was “Jerosky”, and spelled it for officers.

Once he realized he was going to be taken into custody, Pollack became “very concerned” for his bicycle, and asked officers to place it in his car, which he had left outside the gates to Cheekwood. Officers agreed and located a car matching the description given, and when checking the registration, noticed it came back to “Zachary Pollack”. He had already told the officers his ID was inside the glove box, and when they checked it, his matching photo ID was indeed there, as “Zachary Pollack. He was not, in fact, Steve Jerosky. Also inside the glove box was a jar containing 5.7 grams of marijuana.

Zachary A. Pollack was booked into the Metro Nashville jail, charged with public intoxication, criminal impersonation, and simple drug possession. He was later released on pre-trial release/ROR.

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Nashville, TN 37207
PretrialPublic Intox.
Pollack, ZacharyGS9476321816 JOY CIR
Nashville, TN 37207
PretrialCrim. Impersonation
Pollack, ZacharyGS9476341816 JOY CIR
Nashville, TN 37207
RORPoss.or Casual Exch.

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