Keniqua Mcadams jailed for custodial interference after taking children on a cruise

40-year-old Keniqua McAdams was charged with custodial interference after she kept the father of her kids away from them during his allotted time for visitation. The victim, Keemer Jordan, was supposed to have visitation with his two children from July 1st to August 8th. On July 1st, Keniqua took the two children on a cruise with her outside of the country, not allowing Keemer the time for visitation, which was designated by a court order.

Local charged with public intoxication after downtown fight with girlfriend — Luke Countryman

26-year-old Luke Countryman was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Sunday morning after police encountered him arguing and cursing at his girlfriend, causing a drunken disturbance on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Police attempted to end the disturbance by getting each party to go their separate ways, with his girlfriend getting in a cab.

Countryman refused and continued to be a disturbance and was drunkenly stumbling near the road. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

8-year-old suffers broken clavicle after being ‘restrained’ by MNPS teacher – $8K Settlement

Metro Nashville has now settled the claim of an 8-year-old that suffered a broken clavicle (collarbone) after being restrained by an Una Elementary School teacher, for $8,000 with the parent of the child. 

Metro teacher arrested 5 times in 6 months still in classroom teaching

A teacher at Hillwood High School has been arrested 5 times in the past 6 months. Her latest arrest, on January 5th, was for felony aggravated stalking, while still out on bail for a prior arrest. She is till in the classroom teaching children. She’s made threats to kill her victim, and even posted photos of him in various states of undress on her very public social media accounts.

ARRESTED: Teacher assaults student @ STEM Prep Academy School – Chazen Singleton

Substitute teacher Chazen Singleton was taken into custody on Monday, and charged with assault of a 12-year old student, which happened in a class he was teaching at STEM Prep Academy. According to a police affidavit, Chazen Singleton was a substitute teacher in one of the victim’s classes on 02/02/18. The victim said that the Singleton was just sitting at his teacher’s desk on his phone when he started to address the class. The victim had been drawing on a piece of paper and did not hear what the Singleton…