Homeless man causes ruckus and assaults officer at the Margaritaville Hotel

41-year-old Maurice Booker was charged with criminal impersonation, criminal trespass, assault, and disorderly conduct after causing a ruckus and assaulting an officer at the Margaritaville Hotel.

ARRESTED: Teacher assaults student @ STEM Prep Academy School – Chazen Singleton

Substitute teacher Chazen Singleton was taken into custody on Monday, and charged with assault of a 12-year old student, which happened in a class he was teaching at STEM Prep Academy. According to a police affidavit, Chazen Singleton was a substitute teacher in one of the victim’s classes on 02/02/18. The victim said that the Singleton was just sitting at his teacher’s desk on his phone when he started to address the class. The victim had been drawing on a piece of paper and did not hear what the Singleton…