ARRESTED: Teacher assaults student @ STEM Prep Academy School – Chazen Singleton

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Substitute teacher Chazen Singleton was taken into custody on Monday, and charged with assault of a 12-year old student, which happened in a class he was teaching at STEM Prep Academy.

According to a police affidavit, Chazen Singleton was a substitute teacher in one of the victim’s classes on 02/02/18. The victim said that the Singleton was just sitting at his teacher’s desk on his phone when he started to address the class. The victim had been drawing on a piece of paper and did not hear what the Singleton had said so to the class he responded with “What?”.

Chazen Singleton then looked at the victim and  said “what did you say?”. Singleton then came over to the student’s desk and told him to say it over and over telling the victim to get closer and closer to his head. When the victim’s head was close to his own, Singleton head butted the 12-year old student. The victim stated that the head butt hurt and that his face and head were sore but he never had any bruising.

Per multiple reports in the class, Singleton was being very disrespectful to the entire class, calling them “losers” and saying he would “throw them into lockers”. Six other students that were in that class with the victim gave very similar accounts of the incident with the head butt by the defendant and him calling the entire class names. Several of the juvenile witnesses said that the victim was complaining that his head hurt and that his face was a little red where he was hit.

Chazen Singleton was booked on the charge of assault, and released on a $500 bond via Brooke’s bail bonding, to his Noonan Dr address in Nashville.

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