Homeless man causes ruckus and assaults officer at the Margaritaville Hotel

41-year-old Maurice Booker was charged with criminal impersonation, criminal trespass, assault, and disorderly conduct after causing a ruckus and assaulting an officer at the Margaritaville Hotel.

Nashville man pulls gun on Uber driver when he won’t allow coffee in his car – John Watkins Arrested.

John Watkins, a widely known home inspector in Nashville, and owner of Nashville Home Inspection, found himself in a jail cell on Thursday, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon – because his Uber driver wouldn’t let him ride with his coffee. Per the police report, an Uber driver got a request to pickup a passenger at the Starbucks on Charlotte Pk. When the Uber driver arrived, he told John Watkins that he did not allow coffee in his car. According to the Uber driver, at this time the…