Nashville man pulls gun on Uber driver when he won’t allow coffee in his car – John Watkins Arrested.

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John Watkins, a widely known home inspector in Nashville, and owner of Nashville Home Inspection, found himself in a jail cell on Thursday, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon – because his Uber driver wouldn’t let him ride with his coffee.

Per the police report, an Uber driver got a request to pickup a passenger at the Starbucks on Charlotte Pk. When the Uber driver arrived, he told John Watkins that he did not allow coffee in his car. According to the Uber driver, at this time the suspect (John Watkins) tried to open the locked door of the car to get in, and drew his handgun on the driver when he refused to unlock the door.

John Watkins first claimed that the Uber driver threatened to “put a bullet in him” when he tried to get in the car despite the no coffee ‘rule’, and reached for something on his right side. When investigating this claim, MNPD searched the car for weapons, but found nothing other than a small knife in the console of the vehicle. The Uber also denies he ever said anything related to guns or shooting anyone. The uber driver states that he simply doesn’t want someone with coffee in his vehicle.

A loaded .9mm Glock was found in the waistband of John Watkins, and he was taken into custody without further incident. Watkins does have a valid handgun carry permit on file. He is currently free on a $10,000 bond (via Free at Last), and will first appear in court on 03/23/18.


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