Dr Joseph Rochelle – MDMA in the Mail? 201 Ecstasy Pills, 8 grams MDMA #SpecialDelivery

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#SpecialDelivery: When a postal inspector does a personal delivery, you know you’re busted. That’s exactly what happened to Dr. Joseph Rochelle (32), a well known socialite in the Nashville gay scene, on Thursday when 201 ecstasy pills & 8 grams of MDMA were delivered to his house via the good ole U.S. Postal Service.

Here’s how it happened. On March 1, 2018, MNPD was contacted by Homeland Security Investigations, Special Agent Bradley Gant, concerning an International parcel that was intercepted containing (201) ecstasy pills and 8 grams of MDMA, 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. The parcel was going to 902E Cheatham PL to Joseph Rochelle (LinkedIn).

On March 8 (Thursday), MNPD was working in conjunction with Special Agent Bradley Gant with Homeland Security Investigations and Inspector David Wilson with the United States Postal Service on the delivery of a schedule I narcotic (ecstasy). Detectives applied for an Anticipatory Search Warrant for the residence.

At approximately 12:20 pm, the United States Postal Inspector David Wilson delivered the parcel containing (201) ecstasy pills and 8 grams of MDMA, 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, to Joseph Rochelle at 902E Cheatham PL. When the Defendant Joseph Rochelle took possession of the parcel he was detained and advised his Miranda Right’s. The Defendant states the pills didn’t belong to him, but the last time he ingested ecstasy was last Friday in Miami at a party.

Rochelle was charged with ‘Poss.w/int.-Sch.I’, a felony, and posted a $10,000 bond via Rader. He will appear in court on 03/23/2018. This is his first criminal charge in Nashville, but certainly not his first night filled with party favors, according to his instagram feed.

One hour after bonding out, he posted an update to social media saying “Phone broke. I’ll be back once it’s replaced”. Broke sure is a funny way of saying ‘in the property room of the police department”

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20 Thoughts to “Dr Joseph Rochelle – MDMA in the Mail? 201 Ecstasy Pills, 8 grams MDMA #SpecialDelivery”

  1. Eff you

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. Great job ??

  2. DrReal

    Please clarify that his degrees were all online.

  3. Laughing

    “Dr”Rochelle? Lol. Bethel college and an online “Univeristy” . ? What a sad little man child. Only really dumb party gays would think this guy is anything but a loser.

  4. Confused

    Wait so anyone with an online degree doesn’t actually have a degree? ?

    1. Laughing

      To put it simply, no. Most employers feel the same way. An “online” PhD is ridiculous. Try becoming a physician or a lawyer with an online “degree”. You can’t.

      1. Again Confused

        You’re obviously clueless. He’s not a lawyer or a physician. There are lots of different PhDs… many of which can be obtained online from any university.

  5. Confused

    Wait so someone with an online degree doesn’t actually have a degree? ?

  6. You suck

    What kind of fake news hit piece is this? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Nah it looks like you’d much rather judge someone you don’t know and drag them through the mud, publicly. Bravo, another great article.

  7. Yakker

    I sure am glad Nashville’s own Perez Hilton is around to let us know when someone gets in trouble for things all of us do.

    1. ENN Staff

      Somehow I don’t think having 200 ecstasy pills mailed to you is ‘something we all do’

      1. Yep

        If you’re not a total prude you have more than likely ordered something from the Internet you can’t get just anywhere.

    2. everyone does

      Bahaha, speak for yourself. Not all of us order illegal drugs, to our homes, through the USPS.

  8. Popcorn's Almost Ready

    While I might have partaken in certain drugs in my college days, that stuff pretty much stopped once I turned 22, graduated and real adulthood set in. I’d say very few of us have a copious amount of illegal drugs delivered to us via the mail. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  9. Grow up!

    This is really sad that someone that appears so successful could fall so hard, but also shows that there is lots of ego at play and it’s time to grow up. That online PhD was probably a lot of work and money, even if not everyone sees it as equal to one from a physical classroom. Clearly, the guy works out a lot, even if it appears to only be for attention, but seeing how he is constantly partying and half naked according to his social media, he has lost touch with reality. I wish no one harm, especially in dealing with the police, but this could be the help he needs. No, not everyone does this. Anyone who thinks everyone does drugs, runs around half naked attending these parties, and having drugs delivered to your house needs a reality adjustment also….it’s not normal.

  10. Helldude

    Whoever wrote this piece is a fucking cop

  11. ugh

    EastNashville.news is a bunch of tabloid trash. Why would you publish stuff like this? The poor guy is in for enough without the public shaming.

    1. Lol

      Anyone that has ever met him knows that his ego is way too large for him to ever be considered a “poor guy.” This is karma coming back to haunt. Treat others bad, expect the same when you come crashing!

  12. Mark

    I’m just trying to figure out what’s wrong with having that many Madonna CDs delivered to you….?

  13. TheG

    Despite all the ridicule that has been presented, this guy may have made some poor choices, BUT his whole world is/has fallen apart. The many thoughts running through his mind is all torment and I know he is scared beyond means. Anyone that has contact with him should lift him up with encouragement and pray without ceasing for him.
    We ALL have done something in our lives that have shamed us, turn this around and uplift this guy and show the love he needs right now.
    God loves us all!

    1. Lol

      Agreed. This guy shuns God and that’s not an assumption. Better pray from afar!

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