“Here I Come, Nashville!” — Tourist Crystal Stohr unlocks her Nashville mugshot achievement

On Wednesday, 30-year-old Crystal Stohr posted to her social media, “Here I come, Nashville!” as she left Nebraska. By Friday afternoon, she posted photos from Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. By Saturday, she had the ultimate exclusive Nashville souvenir — a mugshot from music city. She was so intoxicated and disruptive at Redneck Riveria that she was asked to leave the venue. When her friend arrived to assist her, she refused to walk with them and drunkenly ran away along Broadway multiple times. She was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Tourist Jamie Brinkman assaults husband at Nashville AirBNB after a night on Broadway

25-year-old Nebraska tourist Jamie Marie Brinkman slapped her husband, Jorge Hernandez, in the face and about his body, leaving him with a cut on his arm and a red, swollen face from the assault. The victim’s shirt was also torn around the collar. The argument happened at their AirBNB on Monroe Street after they returned from Broadway early Friday morning. The argument started when her husband reportedly threatened to take their child away from her. Brinkman was charged with domestic assault.

Man who leaped onto the field during Titans game booked on his citations — Tanner Sawyer

25-year-old Tanner Sawyer self-booked on his citation charges this week, stemming from his trek across the field of Nissan Stadium during the Titans game on January 2nd against Miami. Sawyer was cited for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct after says he leaped onto the field and ran across it after several other fans in his section “dared him” to do it. Police declared it was a “great annoyance to spectators”.