STRP: Michael Ton had 20lbs of High Grade Weed Shipped to Nashville AirBNB

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In reviewing some of the AirBNB related crimes for the past quarter, we came upon Michael Ton – who had 20lbs of high grade marijuana shipped to a Nashville AirBNB – receiving half from USPS, and half from Fedex.

In mid-september, MNPD Officers observed a Lexus LS400  traveling inbound on Ellington Pkwy near Douglas Ave. A records check of the vehicle’s TN tag indicated the tag was registered to a 2006 Dodge Caravan. A traffic stop was initiated on Ellington Pkwy at Cleveland St.

Officers report that the driver, Michael Ton, was very nervous, with shaky hands, a stutter, and erratic eye contact. When asked if he had anything illegal in the vehicle, Ton states there was “marijuana in the trunk”

A K-9 was brought in, and alerted to the presence of narcotics. A probably cause search was conducted and two large cardboard boxes were in the trunk, they were filled with gift wrapped plastic containers – containing TEN one-pound vacuum sealed bags EACH, totaling 20 pounds of high grade marijuana. Ton admitted under Miranda warning that he was aware of the marijuana, and had received it in two concurrent deliveries, one from USPS, one from FedEx, at an AirBNB rental in Nashville.

Charges were filed at the time of arrest, and the case is currently in front of the Grand Jury in Nashville.

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