Joshua Baker battles bouncer at Twelve Thirty Club in downtown Nashville

42-year-old Joshua Baker was at The Twelve Thirty Club in downtown Nashville Friday night when he attempted to leave the venue while carrying an alcoholic beverage. Bouncer Daniel Holm advised the drink could not be carried into the street and was ignored by Baker. As Holm took the drink from Baker, Baker swung and struck the bouncer in the face, and Holm returned the punches. After a barrage of punches between the two men, both fell to the ground, and Holm got on top of Baker to restrain him, while bystander Thomas Baker punched him in the back of the head four additional times. Joshua Baker was taken into custody, along with another person who attempted to intervene, leaving the bouncer with bruising to the back of his head, an abrasion to his left eye, and scapes on his knuckles. Security retained video of the assault. 

Teen charged with robbing his neighbors, using his own ID to pawn electronics — T’Shawn Palton

19-year-old T’Shawn Palton faces felony aggravated burglary and felony theft charges after his neighbors at the apartment directly above him reported their 65″ television, Macbook, and white Xbox One were missing when they came home. After detectives ran one of the serial numbers it came back as being pawned by Palton, and when detectives notices his address was directly below the victim’s, they knew they had their man. teenager. child. dumb criminal. Palton admits to pawning the Xbox but denied any other involvement.

Kroger Tide Pod shoplifter identified by uncle — Caleb Tyus arrested

23-year-old Caleb Tyus is charged with the theft of 10 bags of Tide Pods from a Gallatin Pike Kroger. An employee was able to take a photo of the car he was driving as he fled, and police contacted the registered owner, who was his uncle, Anthony Richardson. The uncle positively identified Caleb as the person from surveillance photos and stated Caleb was in possession of the car during the time of the tide pod boost. Tyus is free on pre-trial release.