Bellevue man chambers a round & threatens to kill neighbors over trash in his yard

22-year-old Jacob ‘Jake’ Northcott is free on a $25,000 bond after police say he confronted multiple neighbors about someone throwing trash in his yard. When both neighbors advised him to leave their property, he retreated across the street, where he brandished a handgun, chambered a round, yelled “I will kill you!”.

Man asked to leave Whiskey Row for throwing trash; screams and charges at passerby

62-year-old Timothy Mulligan was charged with disorderly conduct after he yelled profanities at pedestrians near Whiskey Row, stuck his hands in their faces, and charged at a woman.

Lost & Found: East Nashville Weekend Edition

It was a wild and crazy weekend in East Nashville. As part of Mayor Megan Barry’s ‘Spring Clean’ a few items were found over the weekend, that were true East Nashville. Not all found items were from the cleanup, some of them were just neighborhood finds, much like last weeks dildo on a fire hydrant! If you want to claim these items, however, it is most likely too late. So what all was found? Scroll down for the full size photos. This gem, lube included, was found in an East…

East Nashville Trash Collectors: Modern Day Tip Mafia

They know where you live. They know what you discard. They know what you’ve bought lately, and if they were the trashmen of yesteryear they could make big cash money by providing this info to crooks on the side (“The Smith house on 12th St just got 3 x 55″ TVs – i picked up the boxes”). ¬†Once a year, they leave mysterious ‘cards’ with their names and personal addresses on them every holiday season – and expect you to leave or mail them a tip for doing their job,…