Lost & Found: East Nashville Weekend Edition

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It was a wild and crazy weekend in East Nashville. As part of Mayor Megan Barry’s ‘Spring Clean’ a few items were found over the weekend, that were true East Nashville. Not all found items were from the cleanup, some of them were just neighborhood finds, much like last weeks dildo on a fire hydrant! If you want to claim these items, however, it is most likely too late.

So what all was found? Scroll down for the full size photos.

This gem, lube included, was found in an East Nashville alley

dildo bag

If you dropped your pregnancy test on Eastland, you are not pregnant!

preg test

Shelby Bottoms: a blow up MAN – ego slightly deflated… expect the unexpected in East Nashville.

blow up man

And a baby in the trash can, on Woodland by the Turnip Truck.

baby doll



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