DUI: Nestor Corea refuses medical attention, says “they’re going to arrest me for DUI anyways!”

23-year-old Nestor Corea had a single-vehicle accident on Murfreesboro Pike on March 20th. Detectives responded to the crash and observed his vehicle upside down in the roadway. Corea extracted himself from the flipped over car. After this, first responders placed him onto a stretcher and transported him to the ambulance. In the ambulance, Corea appeared unconscious and reeked of alcohol. Corea then suddenly sat up, refusing to go to the hospital, stating, “I do not want to go to the hospital because they are going to arrest me for DUI anyways.” Then, he promptly exited the ambulance, which was when officers arrested him. Corea started getting emotional as they placed him in the patrol car. Officers then Mirandized Corea and informed him of implied consent, so he agreed to provide a chemical sample. While on the way to the hospital, he began raising his voice, asking for “a second chance” and to be let go. When they arrived, he refused medical treatment against medical professionals’ recommendations and was transported to booking. Corea then took a breath test but blew an insufficient sample. While officers waited for the test to commence, Corea started arguing with them, trying to get them to let him leave. Corea was taken into custody for driving under the influence on March 30th.

Mena Sous bites mother’s face during Schizophrenic episode

40-year-old Mena Sous had a mental health crisis at his London Court residence on March 23rd. Darahim Bakheet Hanna, his mother, alerted the authorities, advising that he has bipolar schizophrenia and had been aggressive. She added that he had a schizophrenic episode and attacked her. Hanna said she tried calming Sous down when he placed his hands around her neck and started squeezing. Then, Sous bit her on the face and covered her mouth with his hands. Hanna sustained bruising around her neck, her face, and lips. Officers spoke with Sous, who stated that his mother was a liar and that he was a good man. Sous added that Hanna was yelling at him, so he walked away. Sous said that his mother is always causing him problems and lying. Officers then spoke with Hanna’s cousin, who informed them that Sous has schizophrenia but does not get treatment, so he gets aggressive with her. Hanna did not wish to prosecute. Sous was taken into custody for strangulation and domestic assault.

Brandon Ramirez threatens step-siblings with gun during family argument

19-year-old Brandon Ramirez was seen threatening his step-siblings at his father’s Sunshine Court residence on March 25th. When officers arrived at the mentioned location, they contacted Ramirez’s step-siblings. They stated that their stepfather was arguing with their mother, and he started to get aggressive. In fear for their mother’s safety, they began to throw punches at their stepfather. Ramierez, seeing this, went upstairs and returned with a pistol. After pointing the gun at his step-siblings, he told them to get out of the house. Later, officers made contact with Ramirez’s father. He stated that he and his wife got into an argument, and her children got involved. Ramirez’s father added that his stepkids were attempting to assault him. While dealing with that situation, he saw Ramirez making his way upstairs. Once Ramirez was back downstairs, he pointed the pistol at his step-siblings and told them to get out. Shortly after, officers made contact with Ramirez. Ramirez stated that he saw his step-siblings getting aggressive with his father, who was talking about kicking them and their mom out. His step-siblings began to assault his father, so he went upstairs and grabbed his gun. Ramirez came downstairs, started banging the gun on the wall, and told them to leave. He also informed law enforcement that the pistol was not loaded and that he only grabbed it to scare them. However, Brandon Ramirez was still taken into custody and charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

Jose Romero threatens man who owes him $3,000 with knife, demands they go to bank

24-year-old Jose Romero had an altercation with Nicolas Garcia-Perez at his Tusculum Road residence late March 23rd. Garcia-Perez spoke with officers when they arrived, advising that he owed Romero $3,000. Garcia-Perez advised that Romero showed up at his house with his girlfriend and mother and started to be verbally aggressive with him. Romero said he wanted Garcia-Perez to pay the money he owed him. Romero then pulled out a knife, demanding Garcia-Perez take him to the bank to get the money. Officers spoke with a witness, who stated they observed Romero pulling out the knife and throwing it in the back of Garcia-Perez’s car when he heard that the police were on the way. Garcia-Perez told them where it was, and officers found the 8-inch kitchen knife. Romero was taken into custody for aggravated assault on March 24th.

18-year-old Brayan Figueroa Hernandez flees after police find his Glock

18-year-old Brayan Jose Figueroa-Hernandez was involved in a car accident near Nolensville Pike and Haywood Lane in the early hours of March 17th. When officers arrived, they located several others who were inside an involved vehicle and were advised by NFD personnel that they found a hard case for a Glock firearm in the back seat. Officers noticed the gun case, so they searched Hernandez and the others, during which officers felt what they believed was a magazine for a gun on Hernandez. Hernandez then tried to flee from officers but was detained following a brief pursuit. Hernandez was transported to the General Hospital for the injuries he sustained. Then, Hernandez was taken into custody for evading arrest and resisting arrest.

Demar Ballin pushes wife down stairs during argument

37-year-old Demar Ranaldo Ballin had a domestic altercation with his wife, Lamoy Monique Wallace, who was 33 weeks pregnant with their child at the time, at their Sunset Circle residence on the afternoon of May 4th, 2020. NFD transported Wallace to Nashville General Hospital on Albion Street, where she spoke with officers. Wallace advised officers that she and Ballin argued over him not turning down the music on his phone. During the argument, Wallace walked over to Ballin and slapped the phone out of his hand. Then Ballin pushed her down, causing her to hit a dresser, leaving an abrasion on her right forearm. Officers observed the injuries and deemed him as the primary aggressor. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

On the morning of February 26th, 2024, Ballin and Wallace had another domestic dispute at his Hart Lane residence. Wallace spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that she had come to get her W-2 from Ballin. Wallace advised that an argument ensued when she approached the front door. Wallace said that she wanted to step outside to talk, so she grabbed Ballin’s arm, which was when he put his hands around her throat and pushed her down the porch stairs onto the concrete. Officers observed Wallace’s visible injuries, which were consistent with her statement, and then went inside the house to speak with Ballin. Officers were then notified that Ballin had an outstanding warrant. Officers detained and Mirandized Ballin, during which he stated that Wallace tried to get him out of the house and hit him with an extension cord. Then, Ballin admitted to pushing her and was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.