DUI: Nestor Corea refuses medical attention, says “they’re going to arrest me for DUI anyways!”

23-year-old Nestor Corea had a single-vehicle accident on Murfreesboro Pike on March 20th. Detectives responded to the crash and observed his vehicle upside down in the roadway. Corea extracted himself from the flipped over car. After this, first responders placed him onto a stretcher and transported him to the ambulance. In the ambulance, Corea appeared unconscious and reeked of alcohol. Corea then suddenly sat up, refusing to go to the hospital, stating, “I do not want to go to the hospital because they are going to arrest me for DUI anyways.” Then, he promptly exited the ambulance, which was when officers arrested him. Corea started getting emotional as they placed him in the patrol car. Officers then Mirandized Corea and informed him of implied consent, so he agreed to provide a chemical sample. While on the way to the hospital, he began raising his voice, asking for “a second chance” and to be let go. When they arrived, he refused medical treatment against medical professionals’ recommendations and was transported to booking. Corea then took a breath test but blew an insufficient sample. While officers waited for the test to commence, Corea started arguing with them, trying to get them to let him leave. Corea was taken into custody for driving under the influence on March 30th.