Benjamin Gooding jailed after failing to move over for an emergency vehicle on roadway

32-year-old Benjamin Gooding failed to move out of the way of a traffic stop in his Jeep and told the officer, “I’m sorry.” On August 1st, an officer pulled over to help Tennessee State Trooper Ryan Declan conduct a traffic stop on I-65. The officer placed his vehicle directly behind the trooper’s vehicle to direct traffic. At this time, a dark-colored Jeep Wagoneer did not move over and failed to slow down while passing. The officer pulled the vehicle over, and Benjamin was the driver. Benjamin told the officer, “I’m sorry,” when the officer told him of the offense. He was placed into custody and transported to booking.

Drunken Donovan Filla jailed after playing in traffic in downtown Nashville

24-year-old Wisconsin tourist Donovan Filla was extremely drunk in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning when he began to run across traffic, despite warnings to get out of the street on 4th Ave near Broadway. Filla grabbed a traffic cone and threw it at a moving vehicle, and was almost hit by another vehicle. He was taken into custody due to his drunk and disorderly behavior and inability to care for himself.

Tourist Christopher Taylor kicked out of Hustler Strip Club in Nashville

35-year-old Wisconsin tourist Christopher Taylor was kicked out of Larry Flynt’s Hustler strip club in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Monday morning for reportedly inappropriately touching a dancer. He refused to leave the property despite multiple demands from the management of the establishment. Metro Nashville Police arrived at the location, and he continued to refuse to leave the strip club. He was transported to booking and charged with criminal trespass. Taylor was married to Kelsey Jones in October of 2022.

Tourist Heather Burke punches husband, gives him a bloody nose, gets a $100 bond.

35-year-old Heather Marie Burke and her husband, Brad Burke, are visiting Nashville from Wisconsin and staying in an AirBNB on Sigler Street. Metro Nashville Police responded to the residence early Thursday morning for a domestic disturbance. Heather told police she punched her husband in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose. She stated that he had her cell phone and she wanted it back, and she also took his phone. Heather’s shirt was bloody as a result of the blood coming from the victim’s nose upon impact from her fist.

Wisconsin Duo jailed: Dave Beson & Jessica Langfeldt unable to handle Nashville’s alcohol

Something about the alcohol in Nashville just hits different; just ask 36-year-old David Beson and his girlfriend, 36-year-old Jessica Langfeldt, who were jailed on their current recent to Music City. Dave was being aggressive with security at Nudie’s Honky Tonk early Saturday morning when police arrived to find him extremely intoxicated and took him into custody before things escalated further. As he was being cuffed, Jessica wrapped her arms around him and refused to move so he could be cuffed. She then grabbed his arms and attempted to pull him away and free him from the officers effecting the arrest. She, too, was determined to be extremely intoxicated and was placed into custody.

Rikaia Jackson arrested after refusing to pay for room or leave the property of a Nashville Hotel

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in North Nashville Tuesday after 22-year-old Rikaia Jackson refused to pay for her room. The manager informed her she would be trespassed if she did not leave the property or pay for her room, and police say she declined both options. She was given multiple opportunities to gather her belonging and leave and was eventually taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass when she remained on the property without paying.

Another tourist underestimates the power of Nashville alcohol — Isaac Kollock arrested

24-year-old Isaac Kollock was found passed out at the corner of 4th & Broadway in downtown Nashville early Friday morning. After he came to, medics attempted to transport him to the hospital for evaluation, however, he refused and attempted to stumble away, almost falling over. Police determined he was too intoxicated to be left on his own, and transported him to booking.

Drunk Milwaukee Nurse takes Nashville Police officer to the ground — Julie Elliot arrested

32-year-old Milwaukee Nurse Julie Elliot was causing a scene at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nashville just after last-call Thursday morning. Police say she was extremely intoxicated and causing a commotion in the lobby. Police confirmed she was not a guest, but had been stumbling on Broadway and concerned citizens walked her to the Hilton lobby. She walked away as police encountered her, reeking of alcohol and barely able to walk. She told officers she was walking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Due to her extreme intoxication and inability to care for herself, officers began to take her into custody for public intoxication. Elliot resisted, pulled away, and attempted to break free. Once cuffed, and as she was being escorted to the patrol car, she wrapped one of her legs around the front of MNPD Officer Blake Lutz’s right leg and then wrapped her other leg around the back of his right leg, causing them both to fall onto the ground, ripping his pants, and injuring his right knee. She continued to grapple as they attempted to place her into a patrol car.

Tourist punches face of bouncer escorting him out of Lucky Bastard Saloon #VisitMusicCity

22-year-old Cole Foster Caylor is charged with assault and public intoxication after police say he punched a security guard in the face at a downtown Nashville bar he was being tossed out of, then continued to cause a scene on the sidewalk.

Manager from Jason Aldean’s Bar, Clinton Waschow, charged with DUI in Nashville after drinking at bar

28-year-old Clinton Waschow, Operations Manager for Jason Aldean’s Bar in downtown Nashville, told police he had “two drinks” at Aldean’s before they found him drunkenly driving past officers who were blocking a bridge for roadwork. Officers noted: “his pants were unzipped at the time of this arrest”.