David Johnson goes bananas over fruit stand, destroys man’s way of making a living

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48-year-old David Johnson told police he didn’t like that Diego Jimenez had a fruit stand in a public area near his property on Antioch Pike. Late Sunday night, Johnson parked his vehicle next to the fruit vendor’s stand and began to throw and destroy all of the fruit from the canopied cart. He then picked up the table and canopy and flipped them over, destroying the entire fruit stand and all of the product, which was estimated to be $3,000 in damages. Due to the felony amount of the vandalism, Johnson was taken into custody and transported to booking. 

David W. Johnson (MNPD)
David W. Johnson (MNPD)

David W Johnson of Caroline Circle, in Franklin, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on September 17th, charged with vandalism. He is free on a $5,000 cash bond.

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17 Thoughts to “David Johnson goes bananas over fruit stand, destroys man’s way of making a living”

  1. Kyle

    call the police if you have a problem. Don’t fucking destroy his shit. What a snowflake.

  2. Not American

    Get well soon, America.

  3. Stas

    How was this dickbag ONLY charged with vandalism??

  4. Nunya Fknbizniz

    what do a vast majority of racists have in common? They’re MAGATARDS.

    1. Good citizen

      Hey your ignorance is showing Racism has absolutely nothing to do with Maga you fucking idiot. Oh wait that’s right Racism wasn’t a thing until Trump became president right? Not like it’s been around sense the dawning of time .

      1. Roy

        Funny how Trump empowered all the racists to come out of the closest with their privately held racist beliefs and tendencies, and then morons like yourself try to act like it has nothing to do with MAGA, which also tends to be the same MORONS perpetrating the racism…. Get you head out of your ass be real…. Fucking moron….

      2. Roy

        and the term is “SINCE the DAWN of time”… Showing how truly stupid you are…. Check your work before posting. Even elementary school kids know to do that…

  5. Diego Maradona

    David W Johnson of Caroline Circle, in Franklin, TN, told police he had just been denied a “manhood” extension on the grounds that there was insufficient material there to work with in the first place, and his wife said she was happy to “self-serve” with a banana instead.
    The sight of the fruit stand has “triggered” David “Johnson” Johnson.

  6. Tiana Morris

    He didn’t park next to it he DROVE INTO it.

  7. Sick and tired

    This guy is a hero, enforcing the laws the useless “law enforcement” apparently can’t or wont.

    Standing up to these invaders who defy our laws with their illegal presence in our nation is a heroic act. Something the cops should take note of when they want to be seen as heroes serving the community….you can do that by doing what this man did – enforcing the laws and protecting the citizens by making it impossible for invaders to operate in our home.

    1. me

      you’re disgusting

    2. me

      you are disgusting

  8. k

    David Johnson
    Sales Representative
    615 243 6308
    Office Address
    610 B. Hwy 76, White House, TN, 37188

  9. Bill

    Look at the anonymous punk coward doxxing the man. What a chump.

  10. bill

    Yo mods, why are you allowing private information to be posted?

  11. Heather

    bill – it’s not private information. It’s posted online & anyone could google:

  12. Karen

    I, a short 69 year old woman, would gladly punch this racist white guy in the nuts. Repeatedly.

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