Chad Taylor attempts to break into BMW to get someone he knew out of the trunk

44-year-old Chad Taylor was on Church Street messing with Marian Pinson’s parked BMW on December 4th. A witness stated he observed Taylor walking a dog while holding a suitcase. They said Taylor then took a flashlight out of the suitcase and struck the parked car’s window, causing him to believe that Taylor was breaking into it, so he called the authorities. Officers arrived, located Taylor walking on 1st Avenue, and detained him. Taylor was seen on Metro Security cameras hitting the window of Pinson’s BMW with a flashlight, confirming the witness’s statement. Officers told Pinson about the incident, and she wishes to prosecute Taylor. Taylor was asked about the BMW and told officers he thought he saw someone he knew in the vehicle’s trunk, so he tried to break the window and get the person out. Taylor was taken into custody for attempted burglary.