Quintin Humphrey assaults roommate; “Y’all gonna have to team up on me!”

25-year-old Quintin Humphrey was arrested on October 28th for a warrant issued on October 26th for a domestic assault against Alicia Zaludova, his roommate. On 10/26, Zaludova called deputies and stated that when she came home, Humphrey became upset because she was making “too much noise.” A verbal argument ensued in the living room, and Humphrey grabbed Zaludova’s phone and keys before throwing her outside the house and locking the front door. Officers observed bruises on Zaludova’s right elbow but were unable to reach Humphrey for questioning.

On 10/28, deputies were dispatched to Porter Terrace for a call regarding a domestic disturbance and spoke with Zaludova as they arrived. She stated that Humphrey needed to be served an order of protection. Officers noticed Humphrey in the back of the residence as he began to walk towards officers stating he was just going to leave. Humphrey then refused to put his hands behind his back as he was warned about his warrant and told officers, “Y’all gonna have to team up on me” before being taken to the ground. Humphrey was taken into custody for domestic assault and resisting arrest.