Tae Stuart caught impersonating security guard at Mini Mart

23-year-old Tae Stuart falsely operated as a licensed security guard at the Foster Avenue Mini Mart on May 20th. Stuart wore a uniform indicating he was a “Strive for Safety Security guard.” Detectives confirmed that his security license had expired on January 31st, 2024. Stuart then admitted that he did not have all the appropriate paperwork to renew his license. Stuart was taken into custody for impersonating a licensed professional and acting as a security guard without a registration card on May 21st.

Charles Ramsey charged with joyriding in stolen vehicle

36-year-old Charles Ramsey was jailed on March 21st for being a passenger in a stolen vehicle on Lafayette Street. Police ran the plates on a silver Jeep Cherokee Laredo, which came back as stolen. A traffic stop was conducted, and Ramsey was in the back seat. He was taken into custody and charged with joyriding.

Tracey McKenzie operating cocaine van in downtown Nashville

Detectives were conducting drug surveillance at 305 Broadway on February 10 when they observed 27-year-old Tracey McKenzie repeatedly going in and out of a white Honda Odyssey van that was parked nearby. They also observed him escort two individuals to the van for a short time before going their separate ways. Officers made contact as he was standing outside the van, which they learned was stolen out of Chattanooga. Inside the van, officers discovered nine individually wrapped baggies with cocaine inside, totaling 15 grams.