Woman charged with selling Benefiber as Heroin

24-year-old Morgan Payne is charged with selling fake heroin. Goodlettsville Police say she admitted to buying heroin and cutting it with Benefiber before selling it to her friends, however, none of the ready-to-sell white substance, packaged in lottery tickets, tested positive for any controlled substance.

They’ll ‘Woo’ You – Selling Fake Drugs in Nashville

After covering Jeremy Austin Bowden last year, who couldn’t seem to stop selling fake/counterfeit drugs in Nashville, we were curious just how many others had been arrested for the same. Here’s some of what we found. Note that while everyone below was charged with selling counterfeit controlled substances, many pleaded down to a lesser charge, or had the particular charge dismissed as part of a larger plea bargain. Justin Exum During an interaction with MNPD, Exum was asked if he had anything on his person and he said I have…