Chrishaun Alexander tries to fight roommate recovering from surgery

18-year-old Chrishaun Alexander had a domestic incident with one of his roommates, Erik Works, at their Dickerson Pike apartment around midnight on June 5th. Alexander spoke with responding officers, telling them that he and Works had a verbal disagreement before denying that any threats or violence had occurred. Works stated that he was lying in bed when Alexander became irate and entered his bedroom, breaking his door in half. He said Alexander started using fighting words, which placed him in fear as he was recovering from surgery. Joyetta Reed, their roommate, intervened and stood between them. Alexander was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Yancy Soto forces her way into father’s home, assaults his date during altercation

20-year-old Yancy Soto was booked on February 25th after assaulting her father and his date on Beckley Drive. Yancy called 911 with claims that she had been punched twice in the face by her father, Alfredo Soto Coz. Officers observed drying blood under her nose and spoke to Alfredo. Alfredo stated that Yancy showed up at his house unannounced, angry, and combative. So, Alfredo shut the door on her and resumed having dinner with a woman in the kitchen. At that moment, Yancy forced her way inside through the back patio door and began to attack Alfredo’s date. When Alfredo held Yancy to stop her from attacking the female further, she clawed his arms and spat on him. Alfredo stated he pushed her head away with an open palm, resulting in a bloody nose. Alfredo showed police video footage that captured the moments after the assault. Officers reviewed the footage, which showed Yancy being ushered out the door by her friend, who accompanied her during the incident. The video also revealed Yancy lunging at her father’s date in an attempt to assault her again. When officers asked Yancy what she was doing at her father’s house, she explained that she stops by to visit him every few months. Alfredo stated that it’s been a year since he’s seen Yancy. Yancy Soto was then placed into custody for Domestic Assault and transported to booking.

Elijah Mann charged in targeted assault of Walmart employee Shambria Batey

18-year-old Elijah Mann was booked this week on an outstanding assault warrant from August. Police say Elijah Mann and Robbyn Black entered the Dickerson Pike Walmart on August 16 and located employee Shambria Batey, who was stocking shelves. Store security video shows the two punch and kick the victim and pull her around by her hair. A video of the assault was also posted on the Instagram account of ‘MyaaDaPlug’ and saved for detectives before it was removed. The victim only knew the first names of her assailants, but a teacher at W.A. Bass school was able to positively identify them, as did the victim later in a photo line-up.

Robert Holmes charged with drug possession after DUI crash on Dickerson Pike

30-year-old Robert Holmes crashed his vehicle near Dickerson Pike and Grace Street late Friday night and admitted to consuming alcohol earlier in the day. Social media posts show Holmes drinking with friends at a restaurant just prior to driving. Responding officers say he smelled of alcohol and had trouble standing and speaking coherently. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, Holmes was taken into custody. A subsequent inventory search of his vehicle prior to towing resulted in the seizure of 9.39 grams of marijuana in a Tupperware container.

De’Jone Johnson charged in Walmart Burglary of $1,187 in merchandise

Police say 29-year-old De’Jone La’Mar Johnson walked into the Walmart on Dickerson Pike, selected $1,187.40 worth of merchandise, and attempted to walk out of the store without paying. He was stopped at the doors by loss prevention, who noted that Johnson was previously trespassed from Walmart in March, which now made this a burglary.

Jessica Roman charged with slapping ex-lover & father of her children in face at Sonic; fleeing scene

Martin Manjarrez says he was dropping off his girlfriend at the Sonic on Dickerson Pike on June 8th when he was approached by his ex-girlfriend, 23-year-old Jessica Roman, in the parking lot. While the two were discussing their children, an argument escalated until he says she slapped him in the face several times before returning to her vehicle and fleeing the location. A warrant was issued for her arrest, and she was booked on that outstanding warrant this week.

Nashville woman charged with felony burglary for pushing out $110 from Walmart

23-year-old Thomesha Pointer now faces a felony burglary charge after Metro Nashville Police responded to the Dickerson Pike Walmart on June 7th, where loss prevention had observed Pointer put $110.97 worth of merchandise in a shopping cart and push it past all points of sale without paying for it. Loss prevention provided MNPD with a trespass notice, which Pointer had signed on March 18th, for all Walmart properties, which elevated the charge from petty theft to felony burglary.

Logan Dunphy cuffed after shooting off at Jenna’s Toy Box

Metro Nashville Police responded to Jenna’s Toy Box on Dickerson Pike just after 11 p.m. Tuesday and spoke with an employee of the adults-only store, 20-year-old Logan Dunphy. He told police he had been “robbed and jumped”, and claimed ownership of the Glock handgun on the counter, stating he fired several shots into the air. Officers reviewed security footage which showed a potential customer at the counter who abruptly runs out the door with unpaid merchandise. Dunphy gives chase to the parking lot where a fight occurs between him, the man with the stolen merchandise, along with three more people that were in a vehicle waiting for him. After getting knocked down, the employee retreats inside the store, and the vehicle drives off. As the vehicle flees out of sight, Dunphy pulls the Glock and discharges it into the air multiple times.

Nashville Beauty Influencer arrested after crash injures her passenger — Zulangel Pacheco @zdcpn

24-year-old Zulangel Pacheo, who has about 100K fans across social media platforms, was driving one of the vehicles involved in a crash on Saturday. Two people had to be transported to Vanderbilt with serious injuries. A person from the other vehicle had a broken femur, and the passenger in Pacheo’s vehicle suffered life-threatening injuries. Pacheo was found to have no insurance and no license to drive, resulting in her mandatory arrest under state law, since injuries occurred. She was transported to the Metro Nashville Jail, and charged with driving without a license and without insurance. She is free on pre-trial release.

Man assaults girlfriend when she says “A real man could fix my car!” — Brandon Reed arrested

25-year-old Brandon Reed admits he pushed his girlfriend’s, Quantavia Bland, head into a wall when she told him “a real man could fix my car”. She says she was in fear for her life and responded by throwing hot grease from a deep fryer on him in self-defense, which injured his arm. Reed is charged with domestic assault and is free on a $1,000 bond.