Jessica Roman charged with slapping ex-lover & father of her children in face at Sonic; fleeing scene

Martin Manjarrez says he was dropping off his girlfriend at the Sonic on Dickerson Pike on June 8th when he was approached by his ex-girlfriend, 23-year-old Jessica Roman, in the parking lot. While the two were discussing their children, an argument escalated until he says she slapped him in the face several times before returning to her vehicle and fleeing the location. A warrant was issued for her arrest, and she was booked on that outstanding warrant this week.

Nashville master barber strikes child’s mother in the face during custody exchange

25-year-old Demarkus Drumwright was charged with domestic assault when he struck the mother of his child for attacking him. They have joint custody of their child and a year prior he harassed her by calling her 61 times in two days.

HEROIN ARREST: Griffin Korn – Yes, officer, that’s a needle in my arm. | w/Clay Iaquinta

Griffin Korn, 25, was arrested just before midnight on Thursday, with a heroin needle in his arm, at the Sonic at 1565 Gallatin Pk, which had closed just an hour before. Korn was sitting in his silver Mazda, with a debit card sitting on a round mirror on the dashboard, which had heroin on it, too. He could have received a citation, it was the officer’s discretion, however he indicated that he had no intention of returning to Nashville for court. Accompanying Korn, lying on the ground outside his car,…

ARREST: Trena Rice Pulls Boxcutter Over A Hamburger at Sonic – Agg Assault w/Deadly Weapon

East Nashville resident Trena Rice, of Petway Ave, went to Sonic Friday night, and was unhappy with how her hamburger was prepared. According to an arrest affidavit, Rice confronted Sonic employees about her order, and an argument ensued. Rice retrieved a box cutter from her vehicle, and confronted a Sonic employee, waving the box cutter at him in a threatening manner. The employee went back inside to avoid being cut, while Rice remained outside screaming and making threats towards the employees. She then threw the box cutter at the building,…