Nashville master barber strikes child’s mother in the face during custody exchange

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25-year-old Demarkus Drumwright was charged with domestic assault when he struck the mother of his child for attacking him. They have joint custody of their child and a year prior he harassed her by calling her 61 times in two days.

On September 22nd, 2019 Demarkus Drumwright had contacted the mother of his child, Tori Bumbalough, 61 times between September 19th and September 21st, 2019. They have joint custody of their son and Drumwright is only to contact her once a day based on a custody agreement.

Demarkus Drumwright (MNPD)
Demarkus Drumwright (MNPD)

On July 11th, police arrived at Sonic located on 414 Donelson Pike in response to a domestic call. Drumwright and Bumbalough have a court order that mandates that they meet there every week at 4 pm to exchange custody of the child. Drumwright said that she was “being funny” while still in the car by stalling the exchange. She did so by talking on the phone and changing the child in order to upset him. Security footage from Sonic showed that Drumwright went up to the passenger door and unlocked it then pulled the child out of her lap. He did so while she was still changing him, he put his hand on her face to push her and walked away with the child.

When he was walking away, Bumbalough ran up behind him as to punch him so he struck her in the face causing her to stumble back. As she was stumbling, he struck her again causing her knees to buckle and fall against the vehicle before hitting the concrete. She was then transported to Vanderbilt Hospital for medical where she had a swollen eye and nose. There was blood on the side of her head as well.

Demarkus Drumwright was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $5,000.

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