Man Hit By Car on Sidewalk; Driver was out on Pre-Trial-Release from 2nd DUI (Huffing)

A man and his girlfriend were walking on the sidewalk Monday afternoon when Andrew Keuter drove up onto the sidewalk toward them, and struck the man, then continued to drive away down the sidewalk. Keuter was out on pre-trial-release for his 2nd DUI (Huffing Duster) at the time of the incident.

HEROIN ARREST: Griffin Korn – Yes, officer, that’s a needle in my arm. | w/Clay Iaquinta

Griffin Korn, 25, was arrested just before midnight on Thursday, with a heroin needle in his arm, at the Sonic at 1565 Gallatin Pk, which had closed just an hour before. Korn was sitting in his silver Mazda, with a debit card sitting on a round mirror on the dashboard, which had heroin on it, too. He could have received a citation, it was the officer’s discretion, however he indicated that he had no intention of returning to Nashville for court. Accompanying Korn, lying on the ground outside his car,…