Yancy Soto forces her way into father’s home, assaults his date during altercation

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20-year-old Yancy Soto was booked on February 25th after assaulting her father and his date on Beckley Drive. Yancy called 911 with claims that she had been punched twice in the face by her father, Alfredo Soto Coz. Officers observed drying blood under her nose and spoke to Alfredo. Alfredo stated that Yancy showed up at his house unannounced, angry, and combative. So, Alfredo shut the door on her and resumed having dinner with a woman in the kitchen. At that moment, Yancy forced her way inside through the back patio door and began to attack Alfredo’s date. When Alfredo held Yancy to stop her from attacking the female further, she clawed his arms and spat on him. Alfredo stated he pushed her head away with an open palm, resulting in a bloody nose. Alfredo showed police video footage that captured the moments after the assault. Officers reviewed the footage, which showed Yancy being ushered out the door by her friend, who accompanied her during the incident. The video also revealed Yancy lunging at her father’s date in an attempt to assault her again. When officers asked Yancy what she was doing at her father’s house, she explained that she stops by to visit him every few months. Alfredo stated that it’s been a year since he’s seen Yancy. Yancy Soto was then placed into custody for Domestic Assault and transported to booking.

Yancy Herrera Soto (MNPD)
Yancy Herrera Soto (MNPD)

Yancy Herrera Soto of Dickerson Pike in Nashville, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on February 25th, charged with domestic assault. She is free on a $1,000 bond.

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