Duvere Bishop punches ex-girlfriend in face, steals her phone during dispute over infidelity

32-year-old Duvere Bishop appeared at a beauty shop where his ex-girlfriend worked and assaulted her on August 24th 2022. This started over Bishop’s girlfriend finding him to have been unfaithful in their relationship, which led to Bishop striking his girlfriend in the face, causing bruising on her eye and cutting her nose. Officers later arrived at the scene in which Bishop was no longer present, but his girlfriend was able to tell her account of the story. His girlfriend also discussed with officers that she set up her phone before Bishop’s arrival, and when he came, he took her phone and fled. Bishop was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence and theft.

Cherre Tubville charged with theft of shoes and jacket from Walmart

33-year-old Cherre Tubville was booked this week on a citation after shoplifting from Walmart on Dickerson Pike on January 30th, 2023. The loss prevention officers told police that Tubville walked in, picked out shoes and a jacket, and walked out of the store with them on her body without paying. The items were valued at $29.96. She was issued a citation at the time and never appeared to be booked.

Nashville woman charged with felony burglary for pushing out $110 from Walmart

23-year-old Thomesha Pointer now faces a felony burglary charge after Metro Nashville Police responded to the Dickerson Pike Walmart on June 7th, where loss prevention had observed Pointer put $110.97 worth of merchandise in a shopping cart and push it past all points of sale without paying for it. Loss prevention provided MNPD with a trespass notice, which Pointer had signed on March 18th, for all Walmart properties, which elevated the charge from petty theft to felony burglary.