Kevin Denton jailed; charged with aggravated criminal trespass into ex-girlfriend’s apartment complex

55-year-old Kevin Denton was jailed Tuesday on an outstanding warrant from February, charging him with aggravated trespass. Denton is the millionaire ‘other half’ of the troubled relationship with Monica Harasim, who we covered earlier in the month as she violated an order of protection. Denton’s aggravated trespassing charge stems from a February incident after he took a vehicle he reportedly gifted her during the relationship. Their relationship ended on Valentine’s Day, and the following day emails were exchanged in which he acknowledged he was no longer welcome at Monica’s apartment complex.

On February 28, Denton is observed on video surveillance entering the apartment using a key fob of unknown origin to enter the complex, going up an elevator, and getting off on the victim’s floor. Later video shows him exiting the parking garage and driving a vehicle he gifted her during the relationship. As the vehicle was titled in both of their names, Dentong was only charged with aggravated trespass for gaining access to the victim’s apartment without permission. Monica says she is in fear of how he obtained a key fob that allowed him access.

Brayden Ezell charged in assault of her brother, breaking into her parents’ room

20-year-old Brayden Ezell was jailed on April 8th after slapping her brother in the face and holding a knife in his direction. Officers responded to Highland View Court, where her brother Joe Yarrito told police that their parents had left the house, and they were given specific instructions not to go into their bedroom. Ezell used a kitchen knife to break into the parents’ room. Yarrito stated that he confronted his sister and told her she shouldn’t be doing that, but she went into their parents’ bedroom anyway and carried a box of documents to her room.

Yarrito followed her and tried to take back the box. He placed one hand on her to prevent her from attacking him and picked up the box when she slapped him across the face. He returned the box of documents to his parent’s room, and Ezell followed. He was standing on one side of the bed, and she picked up the knife she used to pry open the door and pointed it at him, saying, “You don’t know what I’m capable of.” He told police that her statement made him fear for his life. Ezell admitted to using the knife to break into the room and pointing it in her brother’s direction. There was evidence of a forceful entry through the parents’ bedroom door.

Ning Wang continues to show up at ex-wife’s home, refuses to leave

54-year-old Ning Wang is charged with aggravated criminal trespass after police say he showed up at the back door of his ex-wife’s residence on Tyne Blvd and refused to leave on November 2nd. He continued to knock on the back door, demanding to be let in, despite having not lived there in quite some time. Officers responded to similar incidents several times this year, the most recent in October, and Wang understood he was not allowed to be on the property but continued to return.

Jez Castillo jailed for harassment of ex-girlfriend, attempting to break into her home

Metro Nashville Police responded to a home on 11th Ave N. on Monday after Rachel Elrod called to report her ex-boyfriend, 31-year-old Jezreel Castillo, was attempting to gain entry to her home. Castillo was able to make entry into the attached garage but was unable to make entry into the living area as the interior door lock was engaged. Elrod says Castillo then began to text and call her repeatedly — 15 times within 30 minutes in a threatening and harassing manner, leaving her in fear for her life. He fled prior to police arriving but was booked on the charges a few hours later.

Joshua Gupton identified via his fingerprints as home intruder

19-year-old Joshua Gupton was jailed this weekend on an outstanding warrant from June, charging him with aggravated criminal trespass. Metro Nashville Police initially responded to the home of Urjita Khera when she reported she was lying on her couch when she heard someone enter her residence through the side window of her home. When she stood up, it spooked the intruder, and they fled, closing the window behind them. Luckily, she had recently cleaned the windows, and investigators were able to pull a fresh set of prints from the glass. They came back to Joshua Upton, who had his spring on file from a juvenile arrest history of theft and residential burglaries. His home is only 1.2 miles from the victim’s residence, and her front door camera captures him walking up the front stairs and around the side of the home to the window.

Dusty Hallock charged with stalking ex with Apple Air Tags, changing locks on her home

31-year-old Dusty Hallock is free on a $6,000 bond, but that’s after weeks of his ex-girlfriend begging police to even arrest him. The couple broke up in February, and he has refused to stop contacting her. The victim, Courtney Baird, has made report after report of his activities thru March when she also obtained an order of protection which was not served. In late March, she also obtained a criminal stalking warrant which was unserved until his current arrest. She was afraid to even return to her own apartment for most of the month of March, and when she did the locks had been changed, however, her management confirmed they didn’t make the changes, and it wasn’t even their type of locks. When she returned she heard audible pings from inside her closet and discovered an Apple AirTag had been hidden inside a purse, and her clothing had been disturbed. She was then near Smyrna when she got an alert she was being tracked by another AirTag, and alerted authorities there, who located it attached to her vehicle with a magnet. Hallock was eventually arrested this week, spending a few hours before bonding out on the charges of stalking, motor vehicle tracking, and aggravated criminal trespass.