Graffiti Artist William Weaver caught spray painting Altria Smokeless Tobacco building

20-year-old William Buchanan Weaver was one of two people captured on camera cutting a fence at the Altria Smokeless Tobacco building on Harrison Street on December 15th, 2023. The footage shows both suspects climbing up the exterior stairwell onto the roof. They tied a rope and rappelled down the side of the building before spray-painting the words “OSCAR,” “LTE,” and “SATED” on it. Both suspects descended from the roof and exited through the fence after causing nearly $7,500 worth of property damage. Investigators researched social media posts containing the tags “#OscarLTE” and “#sated” and discovered several graffiti art-style images like the words painted on the building. Officers found a profile linked to an “Oscar.” Officers learned that the owner of the social media account, later identified as Weaver, was from Nashville, TN, and had been arrested for vandalism in 2022. Photos from Weaver’s 2022 arrest showed the same three tags painted on the Altria building. Then, investigators located a YouTube video titled “Let Them Envy: Volume 1,” which was a compilation of graffiti artists who are part of the “Let Them Envy,” or “LTE,” group. In the video, several members are seen spray-painting various locations throughout Nashville, TN. The video showed one of the members, introduced as “Oscar” or “Amesh,” painting the word “OSCAR.” Later in the video, another member introduced as “Sated” is shown spraying the word “SATED.” It was revealed that Weaver owns a social media account named “@criketizm_wave,” where he is seen wearing the same necklace that “Oscar” wore in the YouTube video. Weaver was positively identified and was taken into custody for criminal trespassing and vandalism on February 14th.

Noah McWilliams caught trespassing in woman’s home by maintenance man

22-year-old Noah Ray McWilliams entered Rolanda Amos’ residence without permission on February 8th. A maintenance man working at the location witnessed McWilliams enter the residence. Once inside, Rolanda Amos observed McWilliams in a bedroom of the home. Amos then yelled at him to leave the home before running outside and calling the police. Around 20 minutes later, officers arrived and spoke with Amos, who advised that McWilliams was still inside. Officers located him in the rear bedroom on the first floor. There were no signs of damage or theft. McWilliams did not have valid identification and did not qualify for a citation, so he was taken into custody for aggravated criminal trespass.

Ryan Roberts booked after drunkenly threatening to kill man with machete in 2021

37-year-old Ryan Roberts was booked on an outstanding warrant for threatening to kill a man with a machete. On June 8th, 2021, Nathan Logan reported that Roberts drunkenly stabbed a machete into his yard and threatened to kill him. Ryan Roberts was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespassing on January 4th.

Joseph Kellogg fights multiple people in Hilton Hotel lobby

36-year-old Joseph Leroy Kellogg started an altercation in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel with Kenneth Dale Hadley, Arthur Eugene Davis, and Hayden Brent Miller around 5 a.m. on December 10th. Officers responded to the incident and spoke with Kellogg, who was visibly agitated as he was detained and requested his attorney. Then, they talked to Hadley, the hotel security guard; Davis, a hotel employee; and Miller, a hotel guest. Hadley advised he responded to an altercation in the lobby bathroom, where he found Kellogg and two to three other individuals. Kellogg left the hotel and re-entered, and Hadley told him he needed to leave the property, but Kellogg refused and took a fighting stance against Hadley, which initiated a physical altercation between Kellogg, Hadley, Davis, and Miller. Kellogg pushed Davis and punched Miller, but only Davis wished to prosecute. Officers reviewed surveillance of the scuffle, but several points were not in the frames. The video showed Kellogg in a fighting stance and moving towards Hadley, getting in his face. Then, Davis and Miller came to Hadley’s aid and could be seen talking to Kellogg before he pushed Davis, punched Miller, and chased after him. Hadley got in between Kellogg and Miller before grabbing hold of Kellogg, and then he punched Hadley in the face, placed his hands around his neck, and grabbed ahold of his windpipe. Officers observed Hadley’s lip was swollen and his neck was red. Kellogg was taken into custody for strangulation, assault, and aggravated trespassing.

Roderick Taylor charged in assault of the mother of his child

39-year-old Roderick Taylor showed up at his child’s mother’s apartment to see his son, where they argued, he told police, who arrived on September 19th. He said he awaited to see his son, who was still at school when he encountered Amanda Mallard, the child’s mother. He said they argued in the parking lot before she left, and he was still there when she returned. This time, they argued, and he followed her to her apartment, where he put his foot in her doorway to keep her from shutting her door.

He said he continued the argument with his foot in the door until he noticed she had brandished a knife. After he left her doorway, he said he returned to his vehicle. Police contacted Amanda, who was still in her apartment, and she told them that Roderick initially approached her as she left to pick up her child. She said he wanted to see his son, but they argued about him showing up unannounced and that the child was still at school. When she left and returned, she noticed that Roderick was still there. Roderick began banging on her car door, so she exited and took her two other children inside the apartment.

Later, she said that she had to grab batteries from her car and did not know that Roderick would still be there. He reportedly followed her to her apartment, stating, “Shut up, or I’ll hurt you,” until she got to the door, where he blocked her from closing it. She told police that she only brandished the knife because she feared Roderick attempting to enter the apartment further. He was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Night Riderz member Kristian Wilkins charged with rioting for car meet/takeover participation

21-year-old Kristian Wilkins could not escape when police responded to a street racer gathering on Trousdale Dr on July 8th around 10 p.m. Officer Wright made contact with Kristian, wearing Night Riderz branded clothing, a prominent local street racing crew. The MNPD has a Street Racing Initiative that investigates street racing events being riotous in nature due to the danger they pose to properties and persons. The police reported that the events often included fireworks, gunfire, and a pedestrian being struck by a car that was sliding. Also, they often obstruct, prevent, and avoid law enforcement efforts to stop their activities.

Alexander Moran pushes into girlfriend’s home, reportedly assaults her

20-year-old Alexander Moran hid from police when his ex-girlfriend called 911 and was found asleep in her bathroom. MNPD officers arrived at Daylin Arita’s address and said she called them due to an altercation between her and Alexander. She said Alexander had arrived at her home earlier and wanted to talk to her. He then forced his way into her home after she denied him access. When he pushed the door in and entered the home, he sat at her living room table to continue their discussion from earlier. The argument progressed, she said, then he grabbed her phone, threw it against the wall, pushed her, and hit her. Daylin noted that she called the police, and Alexander ran from the residence. After the police left to file the report, they received a phone call from Daylin again, who said he did not leave the residence. Instead, he hid in her bathroom. When police arrived back at the residence, they found Alexander asleep in the bathroom. Daylin said that she did not want to prosecute for the assault but just wanted him to stay away from her. Alexander said that he did not assault her.

Brayden Ezell charged in assault of her brother, breaking into her parents’ room

20-year-old Brayden Ezell was jailed on April 8th after slapping her brother in the face and holding a knife in his direction. Officers responded to Highland View Court, where her brother Joe Yarrito told police that their parents had left the house, and they were given specific instructions not to go into their bedroom. Ezell used a kitchen knife to break into the parents’ room. Yarrito stated that he confronted his sister and told her she shouldn’t be doing that, but she went into their parents’ bedroom anyway and carried a box of documents to her room.

Yarrito followed her and tried to take back the box. He placed one hand on her to prevent her from attacking him and picked up the box when she slapped him across the face. He returned the box of documents to his parent’s room, and Ezell followed. He was standing on one side of the bed, and she picked up the knife she used to pry open the door and pointed it at him, saying, “You don’t know what I’m capable of.” He told police that her statement made him fear for his life. Ezell admitted to using the knife to break into the room and pointing it in her brother’s direction. There was evidence of a forceful entry through the parents’ bedroom door.

Ning Wang continues to show up at ex-wife’s home, refuses to leave

54-year-old Ning Wang is charged with aggravated criminal trespass after police say he showed up at the back door of his ex-wife’s residence on Tyne Blvd and refused to leave on November 2nd. He continued to knock on the back door, demanding to be let in, despite having not lived there in quite some time. Officers responded to similar incidents several times this year, the most recent in October, and Wang understood he was not allowed to be on the property but continued to return.

Jez Castillo jailed for harassment of ex-girlfriend, attempting to break into her home

Metro Nashville Police responded to a home on 11th Ave N. on Monday after Rachel Elrod called to report her ex-boyfriend, 31-year-old Jezreel Castillo, was attempting to gain entry to her home. Castillo was able to make entry into the attached garage but was unable to make entry into the living area as the interior door lock was engaged. Elrod says Castillo then began to text and call her repeatedly — 15 times within 30 minutes in a threatening and harassing manner, leaving her in fear for her life. He fled prior to police arriving but was booked on the charges a few hours later.