Leslie Glasgow spends $700 on roommate’s credit card, “You said I could I buy cigarettes”

60-year-old Leslie Glasgow reportedly used her roommate, James Redicker’s, credit card without his permission for transactions dating between October 26th and November 2nd. Officers were dispatched to Lester Ave. on November 3rd regarding a domestic report and spoke with Redicker as they arrived. Redicker advised officers that he was transported to a Mental Health facility on October 26th, left his wallet at his apartment, and came back to $794.00 worth of purchases made with his card. He stated that when he asked Glasgow about it, she replied, “You said I could buy cigarettes.” Redicker called the customer helpline for his credit card as the officers listened to them list off the unauthorized purchases. Officers spoke with Glasgow, who provided receipts correlating with the purchases that the helpline listed and admitted to using Redicker’s card for them. Glasgow was taken into custody for fraudulent use of a credit card on November 4th.

Alexander Moran pushes into girlfriend’s home, reportedly assaults her

20-year-old Alexander Moran hid from police when his ex-girlfriend called 911 and was found asleep in her bathroom. MNPD officers arrived at Daylin Arita’s address and said she called them due to an altercation between her and Alexander. She said Alexander had arrived at her home earlier and wanted to talk to her. He then forced his way into her home after she denied him access. When he pushed the door in and entered the home, he sat at her living room table to continue their discussion from earlier. The argument progressed, she said, then he grabbed her phone, threw it against the wall, pushed her, and hit her. Daylin noted that she called the police, and Alexander ran from the residence. After the police left to file the report, they received a phone call from Daylin again, who said he did not leave the residence. Instead, he hid in her bathroom. When police arrived back at the residence, they found Alexander asleep in the bathroom. Daylin said that she did not want to prosecute for the assault but just wanted him to stay away from her. Alexander said that he did not assault her.

Ta’Niah Cole jailed after putting hands on boyfriend during an argument

19-year-old Ta’Niah Cole was jailed on July 1st for assaulting her boyfriend when an argument turned physical. When police arrived, they spoke with Cole, who explained that she and her boyfriend were in an argument, and she pushed him. Then he walked outside and called the police, and the altercation ended. Police spoke with the victim separately, and he confirmed that he and Cole were arguing when she pushed him. They argued for some time after the push until she hit him in the shoulder. According to the victim, that’s when he called the police and stood outside until they arrived. After the victim made his statement, he showed the officers text messages from Cole saying that she was sorry for “putting hands on you.” Cole admitted to the text messages and showed them to the police, and she was taken into custody.

Aaron Scarlett attacks ex-boyfriend with metal candle holder

22-year-old Aaron Scarlett was jailed after hitting his ex-boyfriend in the head with a candle holder during an argument on Plus Park Boulevard. Police spoke with Trey Garriques, who said that Scarlett came to his apartment to pick some things up. When he arrived, they started to argue, and Scarlett started to hit him. He then picked up a metal candle holder and hit Garriques over the head and arms several times; Police could see Garriques bleeding from a cut on his head while he was giving his statement. He also had several minor cuts on his left arm and neck.

Garriques told police that Scarlett lived in the same apartment complex. When police found him, he admitted to arguing with Garriques and hitting him over the head with a candle holder. Officers then spoke with a witness who is Garriques’ roommate, and he stated that he heard Garriques call for help from the living room and he saw Scarlett holding something that looked like a knife while Garriques was bleeding heavily from his head. Scarlett fled once he saw the blood. The officers found blood, broken glass, and the broken metal candle holder as evidence.

Pamela Truter admits to drinking prior to rolling her SUV on I-24

21-year-old Pamela Truter was in a crash on December 16, and responding officers located her leaning against a wall near her rolled-over Nissan Xterra SUV. She had to be transported to a hospital for her injuries, and she admitted to drinking prior to driving. Officers say she performed poorly on the field sobriety tests that were able to be conducted from a stretcher. Due to her hospitalization, she was issued a citation charging her with DUI, and she was booked on that citation this week.

Ronaldo Morris charged in assault of alleged lover who says he saw him with a woman

Police arrived at the South Nashville apartment of 20-year-old Ronaldo Morris and Jason Tyrese Daley in the early hours of Sunday morning to a report of the two fighting. Daley told police the two are lovers and in a dating relationship; however, Morris denied that and said the two are simply just roommates. Daley stated they got into an argument in his bedroom after he saw Morris with a woman. The argument escalated when Morris reportedly pushed Daley in the face and scratched him on the hands and neck. A video recording captured the incident and shows the victim backing away while Morris assaults him multiple times. and officers documented a cut on the victim’s lip, hand, and neck.

Takiyah Thompson charged with DUI after late night crash on I-24

38-year-old Takiyah Thompson is charged with driving under the influence of an intoxicant after first responders pulled her from the driver’s seat of crashed white Nissan 300 just after 2 a.m. Sunday on I-24 East. She reportedly smelled of alcohol and admitted to consuming one drink earlier in the evening. She couldn’t remember how the accident occurred and performed poorly on the field sobriety tests that were able to be administered due to her being unable to stand without assistance. She declined medical assistance or transportation and was charged with DUI.

Kierah Quendasia Pruitt charged with assaulting her girlfriend at the Thirsty Turtle in Antioch

25-year-old Kierah  Quendasia Pruitt was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant charging her with domestic assault. Police say she was at the Thirsty Turtle on Bell Road on May 5th with her girlfriend, Kendraneisha Lochelle Burks, and the two got into an argument about who would drive home. At some point in the argument, Pruitt reportedly grabbed her lover by the shirt and punched her in the face several times. A witness also says Pruitt punched the victim again on the way home while at a red light.

Ramona Lavender: racial slurs, spit, & urine — oh, what a night! #Arrested

Police say 26-year-old Ramona Lavender and her sister were coming home from a bar when they were involved in a crash in Antioch Friday night. She was yelling and screaming at her sibling when police arrived and then turned her outrage toward officers as they asked questions related to the investigation. She then threatened to shoot the other involved driver, Justin Mathias, and shoot up his house. Once in the rear of a patrol car, she screamed racial slurs at officers, covered the car in her spit, and tried to kick out the windows. Once at booking, she spits on several officers, one of them directly in the face, then stated she had to use the restroom, at which point she pulled her pants down and urinated across the seats in the booking area.