Leslie Glasgow spends $700 on roommate’s credit card, “You said I could I buy cigarettes”

60-year-old Leslie Glasgow reportedly used her roommate, James Redicker’s, credit card without his permission for transactions dating between October 26th and November 2nd. Officers were dispatched to Lester Ave. on November 3rd regarding a domestic report and spoke with Redicker as they arrived. Redicker advised officers that he was transported to a Mental Health facility on October 26th, left his wallet at his apartment, and came back to $794.00 worth of purchases made with his card. He stated that when he asked Glasgow about it, she replied, “You said I could buy cigarettes.” Redicker called the customer helpline for his credit card as the officers listened to them list off the unauthorized purchases. Officers spoke with Glasgow, who provided receipts correlating with the purchases that the helpline listed and admitted to using Redicker’s card for them. Glasgow was taken into custody for fraudulent use of a credit card on November 4th.

Kenitha Thomas charged with fraud after spending $600 on company credit card

32-year-old Kenitha Thomas was taken into custody for credit card fraud on October 26th. Thomas made three unauthorized purchases charged to the credit card belonging to NDM Commercial Janitorial Services between September 9th and September 21st. The sum of the purchases was $608.18.

Robin Ogden charged in quarter-million dollar theft from Goldner Associates while employed

56-year-old Robin Ogden reportedly used a credit card without permission and misappropriated more than a quarter-million dollars over the course of seven years during her role in accounts payable at Golder Associates in Nashville. An indictment was filed in Davidson County for Robin Ogden for theft and credit card fraud on February 8th. The indictment states that Robin stole cash valued at over $250,000 from Goldner Associates. Also, she used a credit card owned by company owner James Straus with a loss to the company of over $250,000.

Gladys Faye Shives Sims, 81, booked on a 29-year-old warrant from 1994

81-year-old Gladys Shives Sims was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday on an outstanding warrant from 1994. The 29-year-old felony warrant alleges she fraudulently used a credit card. There was no additional information immediately available on the case due to its age. She is free on a $1,000 cash bond.

Burglary suspect in custody after using stolen credit cards in Sumner and Davidson Counties

feat Gutierrez James

32-year-old James Gutierrez was charged with theft of property, credit card fraud, and burglary of a motor vehicle after his accomplice gave a statement to police implicating him in a burglary and credit card theft in two different counties.

Man knowingly uses stolen credit card at Motel 6 while posing as the victim

feat Minassian Nathaniel

18-year-old Nathaniel Minassian was charged with credit card fraud and identity theft after trying to use a stolen credit card at Motel 6.

Homeless woman charged with auto burglary and credit card fraud

39-year-old Bobbie Dolan was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card and burglary of a motor vehicle when she entered an unlocked vehicle, put items in her backpack, and used the victim’s credit card at a nearby gas station.

Nashville man steals credit card and cell phone from same victim in separate incidents

32-year-old Nicholas Walden was charged with two counts of theft of property and credit card fraud when he stole a man’s credit card in November 2019 and used it at two ATMs and made a purchase totaling over $1,000. He then stole a cell phone from the same man in December 2019 when he asked to borrow it and then ran off.

Caregiver racks up $3,225 in charges to East Nashville Parkinson’s patient’s credit card

Marcos Vielma, of Clarksville, was the employed caretaker of an East Nashville Parkinson’s patient for the past several months. During that time, he is accused to taking the victim’s credit & debit cards on multiple days, and accruing over $3,200 in fraudulent charges. He is jailed in lieu of a $35,000 bond.