Noah McWilliams caught trespassing in woman’s home by maintenance man

22-year-old Noah Ray McWilliams entered Rolanda Amos’ residence without permission on February 8th. A maintenance man working at the location witnessed McWilliams enter the residence. Once inside, Rolanda Amos observed McWilliams in a bedroom of the home. Amos then yelled at him to leave the home before running outside and calling the police. Around 20 minutes later, officers arrived and spoke with Amos, who advised that McWilliams was still inside. Officers located him in the rear bedroom on the first floor. There were no signs of damage or theft. McWilliams did not have valid identification and did not qualify for a citation, so he was taken into custody for aggravated criminal trespass.

Arnulfo Orihuela-Mendez catches boyfriend pleasuring himself, punches him in the face

33-year-old Arnulfo Orihuela-Mendez was arguing with his boyfriend on November 4th. The pair woke up on November 4th and began to be intimate with each other. After this started, Arnulfo’s boyfriend stopped and went to the bathroom for a long time. It turns out that Mendez’s boyfriend was pleasuring himself, which caused Mendez to get very agitated. This led to Mendez pushing his boyfriend and him pushing back, which escalated to Mendez punching him in the eye and causing swelling and bleeding. Law enforcement was duly alerted because of a male, Mendez’s boyfriend, screaming for help. Orihuela-Mendez was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Gratton Rider charged in drunken rage assault of girlfriend, who he was visiting in Nashville

28-year-old Gratton Rider was jailed Thursday in Nashville, charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Lindsey Smith. She had picked him up at the airport just before the incident, as he was coming into town to visit. She says he was already heavily intoxicated when she arrived, and he demanded they stop and get a vape pen on the way home; however, no stores were open that late at night. She continued home and attempted to “make him happy by playing a card game,” according to an arrest report.

When he began to lose the card game, Rider became even more angry and upset. She says he grabbed her by the arms and slammed her into a wall in the hallway, and she was able to escape to her bedroom. Rider reportedly came into her room and stood over her as she sat on her bed. She says she remembers him raising his fist at her and then the back of her head hitting the wall as he assaulted her. Officers documented multiple injuries on the victim, including a swollen eye and bruises on her face and arm.