Vanderbilt MD charged with stalking & unlawful photography — Dr. Karim Sarhane, Peeping Tom

36-year-old Plastic Surgeon Karim Sarhane, who recently came to Vanderbilt University Medical Center from the University of Toledo after studying at Johns Hopkins University was jailed early Friday morning after being detained by security outside of the Eleven North luxury apartments in downtown Nashville. After multiple reports of a man filming women through their windows on at least three occasions in the past week, Sarhane was caught in the act and on video today. Security footage shows him outside the windows of women for extended periods of time while using his cell phone to record or photograph them.

Man charged after threatening to show sex-tape to ex-girlfriend’s co-workers — Donald Wilson

44-year-old Donald Maurice Wilson was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Monday after his ex-girlfriend, Paula Bail, reported she received a text message from Wilson which contained an adult intimate video of them together, with threats to show up to her workplace and show the video to her co-workers. She says when the recording was made she noticed he held up a phone, but says he told her he wasn’t recording.

Wilson is charged with unlawful photography and is free on a $1,000 bond.

Local rapper ‘Trainko’ re-arrested on new sex-tape charge & probation violations $60K Bond

19-year-old Dyquan Anthony Collins, better known as ‘Trainko’, finds himself waking up in a Nashville jail once again this morning. The local music artist, who once faked his own shooting with the help of his mother, is no stranger to the criminal justice system. He was arrested Monday afternoon, charged with two violations of his probation, in addition to being served with a warrant for unlawful dissemination of photography – after he broadcast a sex-video of him and his former girlfriend without her knowledge.

Man charged for posting nude photo of ex-girlfriend on social media

Metro Police say Michael Hague published a post on Facebook which contained his ex girlfriend’s face beside an image of her naked from the rear, and added text containing her name, address, where she worked, and the additional text of: “She sucks good d–k”.