Kevin Muthe says he was just “tired and drunk” before crashing SUV on Haywood Lane

23-year-old Florida man Kevin Muthe told police he consumed “two beers” in the hour prior to crashing his white Cadillac SUV on Haywood Lane Friday evening. He fled the scene but was located a short distance away and in possession of the key to the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, officers located his cell phone and Florida driver’s license. Both he and the vehicle reeked of alcohol. During the interaction with police, he answered a phone call, and the caller stated he was “pulling up” to get him. At booking, Muthe stated he was just “tired and drunk.”

Justin Shull assaults his mother’s boyfriend with a stick

24-year-old Justin Shull was jailed on May 26 after assaulting his mother’s boyfriend with a stick. Officers responded to the Murfreesboro Pike residence, where Shull had already fled the scene. Roy Duke told police Shull assaulted him with a stick and then smashed out both headlights and one taillight of his yellow Ford Ranger. Officers observed broken lights and plastic on the ground and located Shull and took him into custody.

Kari Baker too drunk for downtown Nashville, cursed at officers trying to help her

28-year-old Kari Baker was stumbling and falling onto the roadway in downtown Nashville late Saturday night as officers approached her to check on her welfare. As they attempted to assist her, Baker became disorderly, argumentative, and cursed at officers. She had urinated on herself in public and reeked of alcohol. She was advised to go home for the evening but refused. She was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

David Tabora pushes pregnant sister in smelly situation

19-year-old David Tabora is charged with the domestic assault of his pregnant sister, Melissa Tabora, after a rancid situation ended in him pushing her. Melissa says she is currently pregnant and extremely sensitive to smells. She also says her brother David hasn’t been showering regularly. When he entered the kitchen, she covered her nose to avoid getting nauseous. This offended David, who began a verbal argument. Their mother attempted to diffuse the situation, and David began to argue with her. When Melissa began recording with her cell phone, she says David attempted to grab her phone and pushed her one time before retreating to his room.

Meskin Beshili assaults wife after she buys new vehicle without his knowledge

57-year-old Meskin Beshili says his wife, Suad Mustafa, bought a new vehicle without his knowledge. The couple had a verbal argument about the purchase, which escalated when his wife allegedly made a degrading statement about his mother. He says her words upset him, and he “pushed” his wife. During an interview, the victim states Meskin grabbed her by the arms and, pushed her to the couch, then slapped her in the face. Officers documented two injuries on her arm from the assault.

Ari Shukri jailed after sending ex-wife harassing text messages

Nazdar Taher says her ex-husband, 23-year-old Ari Shukri, continues to harass her via text messages despite bond conditions from an order of protection violation which state he isn’t to have any contact with her. On June 24th he sent over ten consecutive messages each of which called her derogatory names such as “h*e” and “sl-t” causing her to be in fear and in emotional distress.