Fresh outta jail, Erica Alcorn threatens to kill two small children and their mother

36-year-old Erica Leigh Alcorn was jailed for the past two years, and when she was recently released, she picked up exactly where she left off. Alcorn says a woman Krist Pegg, owed her $800 when she was incarcerated. While she was in jail, Pegg passed away, and now Alcorn wants Pegg’s daughter, Hailey Stevenson, to pay up. Haily says she was always shielded from her mother’s activities, which sometimes included the selling of drugs, and knew nothing of Alcorn’s claim. Despite multiple requests to stop, Alcorn had continued to make threats to Hailey, such as commenting on her social media, “Girl, just pay me your momma’s debt, or your kids will pay for it, okay?” Another message said, “bullets don’t have eyes, so let’s just hope you nor the boys are near windows,” and finally, on her own page, she posted, “Y’all can laugh now, but when y’all are crying because you have to bury two little boys who’s laughing then?”

Nicholas Vitale charged after threatening texts: “U took my heart I take your family”

Metro Nashville Police say 40-year-old Nicholas Vitale has been sending threats to his newly ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Mezouar, after she told him she was ending the relationship and could not be with him anymore. He reportedly was staying around her apartment complex while sending text messages such as “U took my heart I take your family” and then telling her he wanted to put a board in front of her face with a nail and hammer it in. He continued to send photos of her children.

Desirea Harris texts threats to Casey Milleson, who is adopting her children from the state

28-year-old Desirea Harris initially lost custody of her sons over a year ago, and in September she was notified she would not be regaining custody and that foster parent & Executive Director of the Hills Nashville, Casey Milleson, intended to formally adopt both of her boys. Since that time she has continued to send threatening messages to Milleson, such as (click story for texts due to community standards guidelines)

Bellevue man rips dress off girlfriend, threatens to kill her, on his birthday — Byron Baisy

Byron Baisy was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on Tuesday, his 35th birthday, after he and his girlfriend, Tiffany Mayfield, had reportedly argued all morning long. His girlfriend says the argument escalated when it wasn’t going his way, and he pushed her onto the bed, held her down, ripped off her dress, and treated to kill her. Police documented injuries on the victim when they responded to the Bellevue residence and took Daisy into custody.

After Baisy was in custody, officers asked if he had anything on him they should be aware of, and he disclosed there was “weed” in his pocket. Officers retrieved 27.3 grams of marijuana. Byron Baisy is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury and drug possession. He is free on a $1,000 bond.

Drunk woman texts ‘POW POW!’ threat, storms front door, falls on sidewalk, lays there until police arrive — Angie Chapman

49-year-old Angie Chapman, who is in the middle of a heated divorce, decided to track her husband down Tuesday night at his brother’s home, just a few streets over. She sent texts on the way over, stating “Do you remember how to shoot? I do!”… and “POW POW!”. Once she arrived, she texted him to “look out your window, a–hole” so she could “zero in”. She stormed the front porch, opened the storm door, and attempted to push her way into the home, but the homeowner pushed her back out the door, causing her to fall down the steps, firmly plopping her body on the sidewalk below, where she remained laying until police arrived. They took her into custody while she screamed “I will come back and get them!”. A loaded Smith & Wesson revolver was located in her front passenger seat, and she was extremely intoxicated. Police only charged her with misdemeanor aggravated trespass, and she posted a $2,500 cash bond after being booked. She recently removed $40,000 from the joint checking account, which has been a contentious point during the divorce proceedings.

“I know I’m going to jail. I don’t care. I’ll come through the window.” — Scott Gray arrested

36-year-old Scott Gray III is charged with harassment after he came to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and beat on her door. He fled before police arrived, but FaceTimed her while they were still there, stating ” “I know I’m going to jail.”, “I don’t care. I’ll come through the window.” and making other threats (detailed in the story…). He is free on a $2500 bond.

Man threatens to kill cousin over funeral fight; per report

26-year-old Stevario Midgett Jr. was charged with harassment when he threatened to kill his cousin after a fight started at a funeral because someone slandered the deceased.

Nashville man’s ex tells police he threatened to cut and burn up her tent

63-year-old Gerald Richard was charged with harassment when his ex-girlfriend told officers that she was afraid of him because he had threatened to cut up and burn her tent and called her 31 times in one day.