Man threatens to kill cousin over funeral fight; per report

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26-year-old Stevario Midgett Jr. was charged with harassment when he threatened to kill his cousin after a fight started at a funeral because someone slandered the deceased.

On May 10, Metro Nashville Police Officers responded to Mount Ararat Baptist Church at 36 Fairfield Avenue. Stevario Midgett’s cousin, Larisha Harris told officers that during a funeral an individual got up on the podium and started to slander the deceased causing a great altercation which eventually ended.

Stevario Midgett MNPD
Stevario Midgett MNPD

After the service Harris was at her aunt’s house when Midgett called with questions about the incident. During the call he became angry, asked Harris “where y’all at?” and told her he was going to kill her. Larisha Harris was fearful and wanted to press charges on Midgett.

On October 20th, Stevario Midgett Jr. was arrested and charged with harassment. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

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