Jackson Crosby breaks into apartment after drinking a “good amount of Tequila” on Broadway

24-year-old Former Soldier Jackson Crosby kicked in the door of an Artisan at 18th Apartments unit in the early hours of February 25th. A nearby resident observed this and alerted the authorities. When the officers arrived, they noticed the damaged door and found Crosby sleeping in a bed in the living room. Crosby woke up confused about where he was, stating he was in Spring Hill, Tennessee, where he resides. Crosby then said he thought he was in a hotel, not his home. Crosby said he was unaware of being in Nashville and the last thing he remembered was ordering a cab on Broadway after drinking a “good amount of tequila” at a bar. Crosby claimed not to remember breaking the door or entering the apartment. Crosby was taken into custody for vandalism, aggravated criminal trespassing, and public intoxication.