Jody Samford threatens Black tenants with a handgun & racist remarks

53-year-old Jody Samford faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he pulled a handgun on a couple who rented a room from him and stated, “you’re about to get your black ass shot!” The victims, Calvin Foxx and Princess Scott, were recently told they needed to move out of the home, and Princess was having a discussion with Jody’s wife, Pamela Samford, near the front door of the home on October 1st. Calvin exited the bedroom after hearing the two talking and noticed Jody Samford was holding a black and purple handgun, which he says was pointed at her, and overheard Samford make the verbal threat to Princess. Calvin says Jody then pointed the handgun at him and stated, “you will be leaving one way or another!”

Jody’s wife, Pamela, would never admit to witnessing him pointing the handgun but eventually confirmed her husband did own a black and purple pistol. One of Pamela Samford’s social media profiles from 2021 has the tagline of “Mature couple ready for playing.” (images inside…)

Racist John Zarling says Nashville Police have no power over him at Jason Aldean’s Bar

John Zarling told Metro Nashville Police Officers “You have no power over me!” as he pulled away from the handcuffs they were attempting to place on his wrists at Jason Aldean’s Bar early Sunday morning. Officers responded to the scene after bouncers at the downtown Nashville bar asked Zerling to leave when he was involved in a fight on the second floor of the venue. Zarling continued to claim he had done nothing wrong and they had no reason to ask him to leave and refused to accept the fact that he could be asked to leave for any reason, as explained to him by Nashville police. Zarling’s social media is full of racist content (screenshots included).

He was given the chance to go outside and wait for his friends, but stated he wasn’t leaving the bar, so the bar staff asked for him to be trespassed and removed from the property. As officers were escorting him from the venue, Zarling grabbed onto things in an attempt to prevent his removal, and it eventually took several officers to physically remove him from the property.

Shane Ryan Antista jailed after fighting & yelling racial slurs at Kid Rock’s Bar during CMAFest

Just after 1 a.m. Saturday, Metro Nashville Police responded to Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville, where they encountered 39-year-old Shane Antista attempting to fight patrons while shouting obscenities and yelling racial slurs. Due to his extreme level of intoxication, and his own safety, he was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Commissioner Eugenia Grayer releases “I’m going to kill a Mexican” man on ‘ROR’ — Jeffery Mitchell

Twice within an hour on Monday, Metro Nashville police responded to a white male, later identified as 51-year-old Jeffery Mitchell, standing outside his Antioch apartment who was specifically threatening to hurt his neighbors, specifically chanting he was going to “Kill a Mexican” and told one of the neighboring children it was going to be her father specifically. The first time, officers told the man to go back to his apartment, and they say he promised to say inside the rest of the night. Thirty minutes later, officers responded to the second call, and the family presented video footage of the chants and threats, and Mitchell admitted to making the threats.

Officer Ashley Kappenmacher, seemingly reluctantly, took Mitchell into custody, charging him with disorderly conduct. Night Court Commissioner Eugenia Grayer released the man back to his home on his own recognizance (ROR), no bail, no pre-trial release, no restrictions, just hours after he was arrested.

A Family visited a Nashville AirBNB and packed their racism and domestic violence for the trip

53-year-old Willard Norton, and his 49-year-old girlfriend, Kentucky Marie Slack, are in Nashville this week, along with her daughter, and they certainly didn’t ready the hospitality handbook before their arrival. By 1 a.m. Thursday. Williard ended up in custody after he danced around Metro Nashville Police Officers screaming yelling “Su-Weeeee”, calling them “pigs”, and asking them to “beat me like a N—-r”.

The entire reason police were even called to the Airbnb was to arrest his girlfriend after she came back from a downtown bar drunk and admittedly punched her daughter in the face.

Tennessee Brew Works sues over an anonymous review that was deleted, accusing employee & founder of using ‘N-word’

Tennessee Brew Works has filed a “John Doe” lawsuit against the person that left an anonymous review, which claimed to overhear brewer Matt Simpson and the company’s founder Christian Spears using the ‘N-word’ during a tour of the brewery. Though the review was posted on social media for a short period of time, it was eventually removed and had disappeared into the ethers of the internet. The company, however, was determined to let the world know it was not racist, and filed a defamation lawsuit against the person, including what was essentially a list of the company’s “black friends” and “POC Events” it and its founders participated in, as evidence it, nor its founders, were racist. They also included the deleted review as an exhibit, which will now be back on the internet, as part of this story.

Whiskey Bent Patron to Nashville’s finest: “You’re going to lose your job, you F***ing N*****”

26-year-old Hunter Bridges was kicked out of Whiskey Bent on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Friday night and was so combative with security that MNPD officers became involved. The Indiana man resisted all efforts at calming down and eventually kicked at Officer Nicholas Pernell while being hobble restrained. While completing the arrest report, Bridges began making racial slurs at Pernell and spitting in his patrol car. Pernell, one of Nashville’s literal finest, a model turned policeman, handled the situation professionally and drove the man to jail while his hands and feet were shackled in the back of his patrol car.

Metro Council Candidate says calling black women apes is ‘just humor’; businesses better without women

A candidate for Metro Council says it’s a ‘joke’ to call black women ‘apes’; women are only able to vote because ‘white men in power allowed it’; and has strong feelings on how women should dress and what jobs they can hold…
He hid this views to ‘friends only’ on his social media, but we’ve opened them up for the entire city. Meet Dan Meredith:

Neighborhood Watchful: Suspicious Black/Brown Male Reported by a Racist Hipster Edition

It just wouldn’t be the same if an entire day passed without this happening in East Nashville: White hipster chick (the kind from those Aerial Developments) goes jogging through a perfectly nice neighborhood and sees a non-white person either on a lawn, using a sidewalk, sitting a porch (they MUST be casing the joint!), or heaven forbid knocking on the front door instead of the back – and hipster chick either immediately calls 911 to report a ‘suspicious character’ or goes on Facebook to warn all her other white Aerial Development…