Metro Council Candidate says calling black women apes is ‘just humor’; businesses better without women

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There’s currently two candidates with active campaigns for Nashville’s District 13 Council seat, one of them is an Dan Meredith, a man who open states on social media that women shouldn’t hold jobs meant for ‘men’, that calling black women ‘apes’ is humor, and that gays are against god, and some of the ‘prissy homosexuals’ should be executed. He also has some views on how women should dress. While he’s certainly entitled to any view he wishes, he currently hides these views on social media, visible only to ‘friends’.

Meredith doesn’t back down from his controversial views on his private social media accounts, in face he generally doubles down on them. The 62-year-old came to Nashville in 1979 to finish college with a “degree in Bible” at Lipscomb University, according to his bio. He then became a preacher in small mission churches in Georgia and North Carolina, before obtaining his RN license in nursing school, and finally moving back to Nashville, where he’s lived since the early 90’s. He now works a day job as a worker’s compensation case manager. He lists important local issues as crime, support of law enforcement, infrastructure, and out of control spending. However isn’t the local issues that are drawing attention to the candidate for Metro Council.

According to his filing paperwork, Meredith lives at 941 Coarsey Dr., and has a phone number of 615-969-9495, which he is claiming as a campaign expense, per his financial disclosures.

On social media, Dan Meredith doesn’t hold back, and takes stances on issued that offend many, and certainly make many potential constituents do a double-take. He often takes on people of color, LGBT people, and women, in general. We reviewed some of his more controversial posts:

In July of 2016, Meredith remarks about how white men are the only reason that women and minorities even have the right to vote, because white men in power and control allowed it to happen:

In September of 2017, Meredith opines about how it’s “screwed up” that white people are supposed to feel guilty for being racist:


Less than a year ago, in June of 2018, Meredith says that “When we say someone looks like an ape it is just humor… if someone doesn’t get the joke, to[sic] bad for t hem”..

In case you thought that was just a reaction, or an isolated comment, it wasn’t. A few days earlier, Meredith wrote, asking who made the rule that we can’t call black women apes?

Meredith’s post aren’t only about black women, though. He often posts about how there is a difference in the abilities of men and women when it comes to professions, and the two should never intertwine. In February of 2017, Meredith writes that men and women are not ‘lego pieces that can be interchanged’ in reference to female secret service agents and female pilots of airplanes:

To make sure he’s understood, he takes to social media again in March, the following month, to say that the business world would be a bit better without women in the workplace, in reference to ‘A Day Without Women’:

Still on this tangent, he writes about it again in April, saying women can never be good fighters, and men can never be good nurturers:

Meredith also has standards on how he feels women should dress:

Meredith has some strong feelings about LGBT people, too, often talking about how he is ‘sickened’ how seeing two dads on television, and how he would give the ‘death penalty’ to a ‘prissy homosexual’, and embraces the word ‘faggot’, examples are below:

As the views are currently marked as ‘private’ on his social media, most constituents may not be aware of them. We asked Meredith for an interview, but he was not able to accommodate a time before publication. We will update once that occurs, which is expected later this week.

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