DUI: Man found asleep behind wheel at intersection, admits to drinking — Jared Beard

24-year-old Jared Beard was found asleep behind the wheel of his car at an intersection just south of downtown Nashville and admitted to drinking prior to driving. Police say he agreed to a breathalyzer, a demonstrated he could blow hard enough, however, when his lips met the actual machine, he wouldn’t blow hard enough for it to register. He also urinated on himself multiple times while speaking to police, and in the back of a patrol car.

Notorious Nashville Fraudster & Diamond Thief Keegan Higginbotham surrenders on felony warrants

At 18-years-old, Keegan Higginbotham thought he found the path to easy cash money – defrauding banks, defrauding unemployment, and stealing diamonds from department stores, while displaying it all for the world to see on his social media and OnlyFans. Months later, his world is now crashing down around him with warrants popping up in jurisdiction after jurisdiction, and new investigations opening daily – and they’re proving to be easy cases when he does things like pawn the stolen diamonds using his own ID.

Details of MNPD Officer Jason Wilkerson’s Felony Aggravated Assault Charge

On April 15, the MNPD released a simple statement, and a press photo of their officer that was arrested for aggravated assault. Almost every news outlet simply ran the provided press photo and the identical provided statement from the MNPD. After multiple requests we have finally received the arrest affidavit and details of the felony aggravated assault he is charged with. Wilkerson has been decommissioned and is currently assigned to desk duty with the MNPD. He will appear in court on May 30th, and is currently out on a $6,500…

The Takedown of a #BoosterClub Icon: Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) #Arrested

Juwan Shakur Williams (24), who went by the female name of ‘Jade Caruthers’ (also Pooh Williams), was taken into custody in Nashville on Friday afternoon in a partnership with MNPD officers, detectives, Franklin PD, Metro’s AirONE police helicopter, and her car dealership, who provided real-time GPS tracking. Juwan Williams was wanted for dozens of cases, in counties all over middle Tennessee for his role in leading a team of boosters, stealing clothes and other items from retail stores and re-selling at a much discounted price. In addition to those cases,…

Justin Sowersby assaults, strangles, & urinates on girlfriend. #Arrested

On Wednesday, Justin Sowersby found himself behind bars facing a felony assault / strangulation charge after he grabbed his girlfriend by her hair, drug her across the ground, urinated on her, kicked her, locked her in a room, punched her, and then strangled her until she was unconscious – because she tried to pack her things and leave while he was in the shower. Here’s the police report from the MNPD: OFFICERS WERE DISPATCHED TO MELPARK DR IN RESPONSE TO A DOMESTIC ASSAULT. UPON ARRIVAL, OFFICERS LOCATED THE VICTIM WHO…