The Takedown of a #BoosterClub Icon: Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) #Arrested

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Juwan Shakur Williams (24), who went by the female name of ‘Jade Caruthers’ (also Pooh Williams), was taken into custody in Nashville on Friday afternoon in a partnership with MNPD officers, detectives, Franklin PD, Metro’s AirONE police helicopter, and her car dealership, who provided real-time GPS tracking.

Juwan Williams was wanted for dozens of cases, in counties all over middle Tennessee for his role in leading a team of boosters, stealing clothes and other items from retail stores and re-selling at a much discounted price. In addition to those cases, Williams (Jade Caruthers) also had multiple outstanding warrants – considering he’s had nearly 20 failure to appear or be booked incidents over recent years.

There is one thing for certain – once Juwan Williams makes bail, he never shows back up for court on his own. That’s one small reason why he is currently in jail with a no-bond hold on one of his charges, and a total of $115,000 in bonds for a wide rang of other charges, including over a half dozen yet to be served. He has pending un-served charges in Davidson, Montgomery, Williamson, Rutherford, & Wilson Counties, just that we’re aware of. He would have to bond out of a series of five county jails to be free, so it’s a safe bet that ‘Jade Caruthers’ is out of the Nashville #BoosterClub & ‘Exclusive Shopping’ scene for the foreseeable future.

How did it happen?

It all came down to his car. Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) bought his car at a Nolensville road car-lot that has GPS trackers on all their vehicles, as do most all used car lots in case of non-payment, etc. MNPD Detectives were made aware of this, due to his tag being spotted as the get-away car for dozens of boosting/theft incidents, and were watching his location due, as they were aware of 9 current outstanding warrants for Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) for various charges in Davidson County.

Also visiting Nashville on Friday was Franklin PD Detective Bobby Dilworth, who was conducting a follow-up investigation on Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers).  MNPD was also ready with the AirONE police helicopter ready to track the vehicle, if needed. As Detective Dilworth approached the area in his car, detectives watching the vehicle observed Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) get in the vehicle at 1040 N Dupont (Nashwood Park Apartments), and begin to flee from officers.

Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) passed a vehicle, and then drove up on the curb at a very high rate of speed and was going head on with the Franklin PD Detective causing him to have to take evasive action due to being in fear of serious bodily injury if he had been hit by the defendant. Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) then drove at a very high rate of speed to get away from officers.

Officers did not chase the vehicle, as the dealership was proving real-time tracking information of it’s location. AirOne (MNPD Police Helicopter) tracked the vehicle from the air, using updates from the dealership to assist, and Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) was taken into custody in the 800 block of Blue Ridge Drive.

For this incident, she was charged with :

  • Reckless Endangerment- Motor Veh. – Weapon
  • Evading Arrest-Mtr.Veh/Risk

Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) recently had some words on social media, for her friends, on what to do in case of her arrest. Don’t post “Free Her”, just “Come Get Her” – we’re tracking the effectiveness of this post, and will update if the situation changes.

Juwan Williams (Jade Caruthers) has 11 current charges served with a $115K Bond, and an additional no-bond hold for a probation violation. In addition there is an out-of-county hold preventing release. He will have a review hearing on 04/13/18.

In addition to his criminal charges, he also has a $4500 recovery judgment for rims and tires that he/she essentially stole, too. Rim Tyme Custom Rims won a lawsuit against him in 2012, as he never paid for 4 Kush model Greed rims, and 4 Lexan tires.

We’ll have an update on the other related arrests later today.

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